Halifax, Nova Scotia

Products work better than anything else I've tried! A lot of their products are concentrated so you just add water (from your tap).

This isn't for everyone as some people have no idea how to add water to something. That's why every thing in Walmart is diluted and in a super size. Pissed Consumer charges/ bills the "company" to bury the negative posts. The companies that have lots of negative posts simply won't pay or choose not to be held hostage.

I have been a customer since 1994 and have several friends who have been customers for 10 + years. The negative posts don't sound real??

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Actually to me, all the negative posts sound truly real but its most of these posotive posts that are sounding more close to scripted or faked postings!


wonderful products

The only people complaining here are what i see is people who havent been show the presentation of the company as it cannot be explained in 5 mins

you order products and sign up for a back up order and this order comes monthly until you write to them before the 25th of the month

I rejoined under a new person to build the business and to get the products again

some people are just complainers and some dont understand how good the products are

look at half the silly comments here and the negativity i wouldnt have some in my business

a lot of it is misinformation

the products are brilliant ok thats the truth becuase i have seen there power


its would be very hard to turn skeptics into believers

amazing how some people order products then the their back order comes about month later and they give put stink

please cop on your not children, grow up




Alot of the people are right- the posts praising this company do sound scripted.

Your post, however, was so incoherent that I can't really comment on it one way or the other.

I was shown the presentation. All it seems to be is a pyramid scheme.

I wouldn't (or shouldn't) have to pay to start working for a company.

Sorry. You lost me there. :x


I have been a Melaleuca customer since 1998 and have yet to be dissatisfied with their products.

People are complaining about the cost, however you are saving money in the long run.

Don't get fooled by negative remarks. Try the products and you will see a difference in your health and home.


I've been with Melaleuca since 2008 after nearly dying from Lyme disease. Their Vitality 4 vitamins brought me back from death's doorstep and I've been on them since.

Their products are AWESOME....and yes, you can go to Walmart and buy cheaper...but you are also buying cheap quality too. Melaleuca is top shelf and they have great products.


I became a Melaleuca customer in May 2011. I was real skeptical at first but after using the products, and converting my home with all the consumer products that I use, I am a solid satisfied customer!!

Their customer service is a real person, and the kindest people that I've ever talked with, and always makes sure that your satisfaction is thier primary concern. It simply is changing stores, to a natural product line that cares about you as a consumer, and cares about the environment. The business model is the best for "anyone" to build a solid residual income.

After two years of "just" being a satisfied customer, that shops month after month for the products that I use anyways, it takes the guesswork out of shopping. If interested in some real life facts, please contact me at www.livingtotalwellness.com/choices4me

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