Dallas, Texas

Very sad to read some of the complains.

Because we really do love Melaleuca product.

My whole family use lots of Melaleuca product.

Mainly Melaleuca oil - its a holy oil we use it for everything: cough, ear infection, tooth infection, muscles pain, stomach pain.

Pain relief cream - back muscles pain.

Replinex - i took it for one month my back feels much better.

Allergy capsules - i only took it 3 times and it helped.

And lots of cleaning product.

Thank you God for this company!

I don't work for this company and i don't care.

But this is the only company i believe in!

Bless them!

Reason of review: Good quality.

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I so agree! I’ve had a wonderful experience with this awesome company and all of the products that I’ve tried which is the majority of their line of over 400 products!


We have used all thir products for years. Their teplenex, vitamins, phytomega and others have helped me tremendously.

I have osteoarthritis and before Melaluca, I was hardly able to move around without pain. Once I went on the Replenex I was able to do more thi gs on a daily basis.


I see a bottle of doTerra which to my understanding is not a Melaleuca product ??? maybe they've merged idk.

and how are you purchasing Melaleuca products and not working for them.

I understand you have to become a distributor to buy or sell the products. At least I was told I had to join with required monthly purchase of products at a certain dollar amount.


My mistake!

Thank you!

Yes it is doTerra from allergies i took.

Thank you.

My sister signed up because we use to order from distributor.

It's easier that way for us because we order a lot. I want to say they do have amazing product.

Now not only my family use but my friends and people that we know.

A specially Melaleuca oil. I always have it with me in my purse


You do not have to be a distributor to buy products, you can if you like but it is not required. It is a completely separate form to become a distributor for Melaluca.

Yes, there is a product point amount with the preferred membership (which is what most people sign up for).