Endicott, New York

Melaleuca Company was totally unprofessional when solicited to solve a customer request.

Over the phone they did not even try to accommodate customer's request. When requested to speak with a manager, the client was refused first and only after insisting was transferred to another person, same lack of professionalism and willingness to help.

By the third person in command line, the story become exhausted and no acceptable resolution offered. None of all these 3 company representants gave all and the complete and accurate information on the time of the conversation.

A next call placed 24 hours later revealed the latter part of the information not mentioned yesterday and the company did not even tried to collaborate in a professional manner. They transfer the customer to an answering machine after failing for the second time in a row to collaborate and offer something to the unfair treated customer.

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If a person wishes to cacel an account it should be done. This company makes it hard to do so. I will not recommend joining unless this business practice is better taken care of properly.


We sent a fax to cancel membership, they told us could not fine it. We also told them we have their conformation.

They advised still nothing they could do, and we would be charged again this month.

They were very unhelpful. We will not be recommending Melaleuca to any friends or organizations we are affiliated.


I think I met George the 4th yesterday at the customer service counter at the Target store. He was whining about the service because he wanted to return an article of clothing and get his money back but he didn't have his sales receipt. Instead of understanding the rules, all he could do was call the CSR ***.

I have been a Melaleuca customer for 14 years and have always received polite, helpful service when I have called.

George the 4th....stop your whining and go somewhere else on the world wide web.


I usd to work for melaleuca. There is a lack of professionalism all the way up to frank. I worked in production and you would be shocked to find out what is allowed to be let out of there.


So far my experience with Melaleuca has been excellent (both products and customer service) and doesn't at all support your allegations (too general..). I've called them on different days at different times and customer service is consistently beyond my expectations.

Their staff are pleasant, courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful. One time when I faxed an order and called the company, a customer service rep promised to call me back as soon as she receives the fax.

That she did and I was surprised! I think you should be more specific in your complaint and should not generalize and say that Melaleuca is totally unprofessional etc.

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