Shelton, Washington

They try to scare you by saying that every other product causes cancer. The sales people are set up the same as Amway (multi-level marketing).

They are pushy and wont leave you alone. Overpriced products that did not impress me at all. I much prefer the other all natural chemical free products such as 7th genteration or any products form Indigo wild. Melaleuca is like a cult and you should stay as far away as possible.

People trying to sell it are pushy and will NOT leave you alone. They call all the time and even bug me at work!!

Worse than used car salespeople! STAY AWAY unless you want to be bugged every hour of every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kuvu

Monetary Loss: $100.

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My wife is a member of this sham company. When she dies these *** criminals are done with me


Phil- I took the time to compare melaleuca products with the ones out there such as in vitamin shoppe. they do have 'green' products especially for hair/body care. the good thing is both products have what i'm looking methylparabens, all organic etc. but the vitamin shoppe products i don't have to pay shipping!

secondly, when you're a member with the store, you actually get cash back end of the year. i calculated how much i'd get cash back witht v shoppe versus melaleuca and it turned out i actually got more back for a similar number/quantity of purchased products. and the store products were cheaper, since i usually buy during sales.

another thing i noticed with melaleuca...i found that even though the company claims that everything is concentrated eg laundry detergent which means you don't need as much of it, the amount of detergent you actually use is user specific. each user could be using too much or too little of the recommended amount, therefore i am nowhere near the load equivalency that the company claims in its brochures...i actually have to buy more of the detergent. which really doesn't save me any money at all since i have to keep re-ordering and paying for shipping

AND buying the more expensive product (which also has less quantity, i might add)

also I am disgruntled with the fact that I have to keep re-ordering products every month for a certain number of points, whether i need to or not.

overall my experience with melaleuca as a consumer (i'm not trying to make a business out of it) has been less than satisfying. products actually are ok but there are other 'green' products out there without the compulsory buying and without the additional shipping charges.


No commment on Melaleuca product. The cancellation policy seems fair and common practice for cancelling autoship orders.

However, to claim that Melaleuca is not MLM is just false!

First off MLM is not a dirty word, secondly becuase they manufacture their own product doesn't mean it's not MLM.

Is there a compensation plan is it 5x7 matrix with strong possibility to build residual income? yes it is so please don't wordsmith and say it isn't mlm.


Melissa, please see the comment I recently made on my "Do not get involved with them" post...and also the post by the person who said the "were a friend of mine and I try and scam money our of companies all the time", then never answered me back when I questioned them. I am quilty of writing to Nestle in 1978 or so because the box of Cup of Soup I bought only had noodles in the envelope, no soup mix. Didn't know that 32 years later, this would come back to haunt me!!


It is a shame that you feel that you were lied to. However, when you signed up for Melaleuca, you were given all the information regarding your membership.

To clearly respond to your complaints:

1. Melaleuca designs, researches and develops its own products and sells them directly to the consumer. Thus it is consumer-direct and not multi-level marketing.

2. The quality of the products is unmatched. Many of the most common items have been put to the test in independent clinical studies. (Double-blind studies, just like the pharmaceutical companies.) Their products come out at the head of the pack, consistently.

3. Some people are pushy. If you aren't interested, say so. It will save you a lot of hassle.

4. There are other "green" products on the market. However, they're also significantly more expensive while not always providing the same quality. In addition, they aren't shipped directly to your door.


Have you said to them "please stop calling me, I'm not interested"???? That usually works. And, as with any business/company, there are always a few "bad apples" that spoil it for the rest.

MLM's are different - they involve being a "middle man" (I should know, I was a part of one for 10 yrs). Melaleuca is different b/c it is a direct sales company - everyone buys directly from the company. It is not designed for people to be "selling" Melaleuca products directly from their homes/stash/inventory.

Curious Deby what lies you were told? Just simply curious.


Good luck with your post. Be prepared for several posts today/tomorrow saying that Melaleuca is the greatest thing since air.

Also, be prepared to be called names, and also for people to say that they know you and you do this to companies all the time. You can't complain on here, they will be on you like fire ants. I agree with you, was totally lied to by the person who did the presentation, then had money taken out of my account after I cancelled my membership. There's got to be a better way to complain about this company.

I love Arizona Iced Tea, but I don't come on here and defend it if someone has a problem with it, for example. The company monitors this site.

Read another company's complaints, you don't see the reaction's to posts like you do on here. I wish you all the best.

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