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I was suckered into joining Melaleuca and they send me an order that I didnt place and then insisted that I pay the shipping even after I sent the product back! I do not recommend this company.

Money hungry company. They have my social security number so I am scared to not give them the money for the shipping even though I already paid shipping to send the product back certified. I am being double duped! Anyone interested in a class action????

They area a fraud and I am highly dissatisfied with the way they do business.

Melaleuca stinks! Dont get ripped off!!!

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I agree with Lisa as Meleluca sends you your backup order as you were well informed of before you ever signed the forms to become a member so that you don't lose your membership. Meleluca is not the one at fault here!


Melaleuca sent you the back up order that you ordered when you signed up. This is a safety net so you don't lose your membership if you forget to place your order. It is not Melaleuca's fault that you make uninformed decisions when you get involved with something.


Melaleuca gives the most serious "spin" on your replies. You're "safeguarding" us so that Mr.

Vandersloot can line his pockets with money? Please, if someone does not want your product, leave them alone and for "Mormon Losing Money" sake, give them their money back without a lot of hoops to jump through. You want your membership kit back?????????? It is nothing more than marketing material that you want the consumer to pay for!

Unbelievable. I tell everyone I know to stay away.


What is this selling some of you speak of? I just heard the sales pitch today and they said there was no selling.

What actually goes on then? How does it actually work?


If it is the case that all these people weren't mislead by reps then what is going on here? Why would so many people find themselves in a position that they feel betrayed and ripped off.

It seem that the 95% retention rate might have something to do with it being difficult to cancel. Clearly Melaleuca needs to ensure that customers understand what it is they are getting into, the negative online presence of this company is causing millions in lost potential revenue.

Running a business clearly, honestly, and efficiently only works in favor of the bottom line and promotes positive online feedback. Not just from people selling the product to their friends but from actual satisfied clients.


you stink! lol


Nobody suckered you into joining. You did it because you wanted to at the time.

You changed your mind, and that is fine.

Read everything you sign.

When you sign something, common sense says you should read it first. That way if you do not agree, you just do not sign it!


I've been a customer since 2003. I've ordered every single month - products I use and love!

Can't say enough good about the products and company. I have enrolled others and helped them to end their enrollment if they needed to do so.

Never had a single problem. Great company!


I loved the product, my Herbalife up-line quit to sell Melaleuca, they were very high in Hebalife. Made hundreds of thousand dollars.

But they felt that Melaleuca was better managed and the product good, so I joined for two years and then just quit because of Money problems. I wish I had the same salesmanship they had.


Really??? Was everything thing explained to you before you decided to become a preferred customer?

Did you bother to read the agreement? there is NOTHING hidden, no shadiness happening!!!

In the future I really hope that you can learn to read contracts before you sign and enter into them. Good luck to you in the future.


People are always quick to blame or accuse a company of wrong doing when they don't take the time or have the brains to understand what they are agreeing to do. My opinion-Melaleuca products are great. If you don't like Melaleuca-return the products and terminate your agreement and stop :cry


Jane Doe 1968, no one gets suckered into enrolling with Melaleuca. They are a very ethical company and go out of their way to explain the agreement.

If you do not agree, you do not enter into an agreement. No one is "suckered" or forced to become a customer. Their products are great, everything they claim they are. I have been partnered with the company as a preferred customer/business builder for almost a year, and I couldn't be happier or more proud to be associated with them.

Just because you didn't take the time to learn and understand BEFORE you entered into an agreement with the company doesn't mean they are to blame for your irresponsibility.

I hope people don't allow you to "sucker" them into believing your misinformation. Take some responsibility for your actions; it's called maturity!


I would be interested in your proposal.


yes, they send you your backup order if you do not place an order for the month. they ss# is only for when you refer people they have it on file for tax purposes.


Heres the thing, you became a member, then didnt place your order for the month so they send your back up order. Its automatic and its so you can keep the discounted price you pay for all their supplies.

Melaleuca doesn't stink, I do believe its you and your lack of reading what you signed up for.

I am a customer for over 2 years and never had a single problem! :)



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