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Melaleuca charges you $50 a month to shop on their website and to ONLY purchase their products that they claim are cheaper and safer for you. Huge Lie!

All of their products may seem cheaper, but they're not. The portion sizes are small, and they cover that up with larger packaging. To make matters worse, Melaleuca sent out an inappropriate message to all of its customers via cell phone text. It was a sick perverted joke about sexually abusing a child.

They tried to explain that another company sent the perverted message, and they were doing an investigation. The fact that another company has my personal information really makes me upset!

Melaleuca sells your personal info to other companies, sends you sick perverted messages, and lies about how cheap their products are. I hope no one else gets sucked into this terrible scam like I did!

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I want to cancel my account


SusanK you must not have understood that all of your products are concentrated and are in smaller containers to help reduce packaging and shipping costs. In regards to the text message...

there are several big name companies out there who had a similar situation occur recently.

You sound angry and it maybe because you had set your expectations to high. This company offers products that have minimal chemical base if any and you sign up to be a member much like Costco, Amway, Nutrilife and several others.

I love my products and have saved a little in comparison to buying some name brand products but really it is the piece of mind I get knowing that I am doing a little to reduce my footprint on the world.


I just called Melaleuca representative to cancel order. First he tells me "no problem

". After that he asked me why I want to cancel the order and membership, I told we do not use all the products and we have been charged without notification.

After 30 minutes discussion, he explained me that how to cancel it on-line. Now I am in online trying to cancel, it is impossible to cancel. I will contact Bureau of better business to put a complain the business practice of Melaleuca.




I find this very hard to believe... I am with the company and it is a wonderful company that has helped so many people. I am very glad though that there are so many more good comments versus the bad because it is a wonderful company!


I am sorry that you had a bad experience. That said, I did my homework and continue to.

Most things I find are posative and a few are like yours. You can not please everyone. I truly beleive this company does try to. The products are great as are the people.

Everything is 100% guranteed. Even if the container is empty.

If you read the contract most of your coplaints were covered in it. I decided to join this week.


One more thing, my Mother and I share our membership and I pay $70.00/month and the includes all my toothpaste, household cleaning supplies and my laundry needs.. Normally, shopping at places like WalMart, I spend more.

you're right, the supply is "small" but that's only because you don't have to use a lot and you're supposed to add a small bit of concentrate and add water. Honestly, before I joined Melaleuca, I thought it was full of beans and a waste of money.. but honestly, I have saved and my house is much cleaner and healthier for my 9 month old daughter.

I'm sorry that you feel this way, Susan.. but it looks to me that you're out-numbered. You're entitled to your opinion, but it looks to me that you're wasting your time.

With love,



As for the sick text messages, those are true BUT LET ME EXPLAIN. My Mother-in-Law received one of these "sick text messages" and it was from a disgruntled employee. Melaleuca not only apologized for the incident, but also sent my Mother-in-Law several free gifts to show great customer service.


I only paid 29 dollars once. and i dont know where your getting the sick text messages


Is this person serious? lol. Do they really think a company would do that on purpose or as a joke? I mean where is this person from?

My favorite response was Jake's posting, totally hit the nail on the head.

IF I sign up, I'm going to do my due dilligence before signing up or signing anything and if I'm SMART, I'll know what I am getting into because I will have READ the contract. I will be especially considerate of the cancellation part.

I already know I need to spend at least $50 a month (35 pts)

on products... It's the first line on the page that you filled out!

This is so typical, you like something you tell 1 person, you dislike it, you tell as many as you can. Humble yourself and be accountable for your decision to sign up without fully researching... and paaaalease, get over a text you know a company as big as Melaleuca would never send on purpose, I mean, you're digging and it shows!


Are you the same Susan that I saw on another site with a completely different story? I also noticed that I haven't seen a male post a complaint.

I've been seeing rave reviews from the intelligent and bad reviews from people like Susan. Susan is just frusterated that she can't scam the MLM company.


I shopped with Melaleuca for several years, loved their stuff. When I hit a rough financial patch about a year ago, I called and canceled.

Customer service was pleasant and helpful. Never had a problem. I recently have started purchasing their products again.

I only have nice things to say about them.

Their laundry detergent is concentrated and lasts me forever, the same with their other cleaning products. Overall, I spend less on cleaning supplies that I did before.

I meet my product commitment (NOT required) every month via my viatamins. I have to buy vitamins anyway, so why not use something that's quality?


Im not with the company, but I find it hard to believe. Why would a company intentionally try to *** off its customer base?


For all the disgruntled people with problems cancelling, being charged for a backup order, not being able to cancel, etc...Please have an understanding of the business and do your homework before you sign and commit to ordering. Based on all the supportive comments here, there are A LOT of happy customers.

But if you are not happy, you can certainly cancel.

If you are committed to having safe, healthy products for your family, you are surely going to pay a little bit more. I have seen complaints like this on different sites too...people just need to educate themselves instead of blaming their slip-ups on others.


If you seriously think a company, any company, would honestly send a text message like that... Then you are an ***. Maybe thats why you feel the whole world is against you.


The following is a message from Frank the CEO of Melaleuca regarding the text message. This is not the whole message, just 2 paragraphs of it:

This is what we know about the perpetrator: He was a former employee of the telecommunications company from which the text message was sent. In the early morning hours he used the login and password that he had used as an employee to access the master account at the company. He first clicked on one company, but then selected a different company (which had the largest number of phone numbers on file and happened to be Melaleuca) and clicked on a grouping of phone numbers, then sent his disgusting message. He did not download or take any information. He only spent a few minutes in the system. His intent was to harm the telecommunications company.

The perpetrator simply used his former employee password to enter the system. While no one "hacked" into the system and their firewalls were secure, it is alarming to us that a former employee of that company still had his login and password. We have done work with many telecommunication companies for 25 years. We are a substantial customer to these companies. Most of them are excellent at Information System security. We are disappointed to learn that this company did not follow the correct safeguards.

When Melaleuca sends text messages to groups of Customers or Marketing Executives, we must go through a telecommunications company who transmits the text message. They have no names or any other Customer information. They have just the list of cell phone numbers to which the text is being sent. Obviously, the telecommunications company needs phone numbers to send the text messages. They are supposed to delete the file after the text message has been sent. They are not supposed to keep the numbers on file.



Susan is from a company in distant second to Melaleuca, that is obvious.


You really think they would deliberately send such text messages? Come on use a little common sense!

The fact that they allowed their database of phone numbers to get hacked is of concern however.

And yeah, their stuff is GREATLY overpriced!


First of all, ANYONE CAN *** INTO ANYTHING.... THIS HAS BEEN AROUND FROM 1985 and never had that happen to them about the text..

And it does save u money in the long wrong. If ur not happy then stop using them and go back to the stores...


How could you claim Melaleuca steals your money? You choose to be a customer and if you don't like the products or company you cancel.

I have been a customer for 6 years and happen to completely disagree with your assessment of the products.

The products are concentrated so less is needed and used as intended the products last much longer than store purchased products. As for the text...this could happen to any company and your personal information is all over the internet.


Very happy with our experience with Melaleuca, which is a much more credible company to me than say p&g and sooo many others. I could go on and on but Melaleuca doesn't need defending the #s and awards speak for itself.

This above information is so rediculous, sad for that persons poor non-truthful judgement.

Its unfortunate that happened with the text. thanks for person enlightening the other and this has unfortunately happened to other companies too.

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