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Melaleuca has proven themselves to be an company that steals your money!! I signed up with this "company" and shortly after, I changed my mind. My decesion to no longer deal with this company has nothing to do with them, I just deceided not to do this business. The problem came when I called to tell them (which was less than 20 days of being with this company) that the issue and their true colors came out.

THEY told me that they couldn't do ANYTHING for me and that I was going to get a "backup" order becuase I waited to long to tell them I didnt want to do the buisness. Of course, no one told me about a time frame... I called the company and did as they instructed me to do inorder to return the UNOPENED box sent to my house. Little did I know that they would still be keeping my 53.77 (plus tax) .

Soon after this, I left my home for a while to tend to a sick parent. During this time Melaleuca claims they sent correspondene to me and CHARGED me $10 for EVERY LETTER they sent!!!! WHAT!!!!!!! Since when does a letter cost $10? The united states postal service doesn't charge you $10 for a business letter, but apperntly Melaleuca does AND can get away with it!

Upon my return home and catching up on my mail, I called the company which "politely" told me that they only have $13 left to give me... I asked ., Where is the rest of my money and WHO did you give it to? They kindly told me that it cost $10 to send me a letter and that I had to pay them for their paper!!!!!! This is CRAZY!!!!!!

Im taking my $13, writting a letter to Mr Frank Vandersloot, who the women said will NOT read ANY complaints (like Im surprised) and warning EVERYONE I know about this less than moral company!

If you are reading this, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY unless you are SURE thats what you want!

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My wife and I have been shopping with this company for nearly 1 year. The products are everything they claim them to be.

We also know of people that decided to cancel their membership. The process was simple and very respectful employees on the other end of the line were very helpful. Our friends have even called us back and told us that Melaleuca customer service was the best they had ever encountered. Our whole family uses the products.

They are great! I am 58 yrs old and have noticed my whole life that there are always people who do not get the true facts. Negative minded people are always quick to get you to join with them. Just remember, these kind of people will also speak negative of you.

Very few people will step up and thank a company for doing a great job.

Melaleuca, we are very satisfied customers. THANK YOU


Nice post "...doesn't need *** s". While you're busy making your millions, try taking a spelling class!!!!

Another post by the name calling pro-Mela people who stalk this site!!

rofl!!!! :grin


Shopping from them as they provide wrong, inaccurate and untruthful information. Does anyone actually believe that Melaleuca really charged you 10 bucks to send a letter?

Really? The company has rules that a 5 year can follow and one of the very few they have is if you want to cancel your membership, this must be done prior to the 25th of the month. You can't do that then you will have to wait till next month to cancel. Simple.

You obviously didn't pay attention to that. Shame on the person that enrolled you (if they didn't inform you of this) and shame on you for not paint attention. I have had an account with Melaleuca for over 10 years and have helped people cancel their memberships throughout the years for various reasons. The result: not one problem or issue from any single one of them.

Hands down 4300 customers that we have in our business that love the company and will continue to shop and pay residual income forever resulting in millions payed out due to some hard work through their simple plan. You continue to be miserable and complain about life, we will continue to enhance lives through this wonderful company.


I am very unimpressed with Melaleuca. Fist they have you do a back up order.

However when you try to set up an acct to order online their emails never came to confirm and start. Tried several times dealt with customer service whom just said try again or try spam. Either way no results. Finally called once more and was told they would do it on their end and I would be able to use it shortly.

Well it took a week and finally I was able to order. Not realizing they had already shipped my back up order I now had 2 orders coming. In turn the back up order just reads back up order so unless you choose the backup you don't know what product they are sending. So for instance you could get dishwasher detertergent and may not even have a dishwasher....Also their dishwasher detergent is horrible leaves white residue and does not clean.

The shampoo leaves your hair greasy and feeling like you need to go wash it again. The bar soap leaves your skin with a heavy film and you feel dirty after using it. The pain rub only works for a minute before you can't feel it. Oh and when you call them to tell them about the product so you can exchange or refund you now have to pay shipping to get it back.

So in my case I am now shipping back 2 bottles of dishwasher soap and other products which I am sure is going to cost a let and arm. Also the acne kit stinks and broke my daughters skin out more. Some products were okay but the fact you have to pay for the shipping back instead of them trusting and having faith in their product tells me it is not so good. Also the rep never told us about we had to pay shipping he actually said usually they just send out a replacement and they make it right.

Well me paying for shipping to my home and then I have to pay for it back is poor business.

At least they could do is send a call tag or let your original sales rep take it back. DONT DO IT


I am not happy with melaleuca. I was not told about a time frame either, just that I had to order by the end of the month.

I am not impressed with their products. The toothpaste is ok but over priced, the laudry detergent is mediocre, the Solumel that i was told would take care of the toughest odors just covered them up for a day or two. I am not happy and now I have to hurry up and write them a letter telling them where to stick it because I cannot cancel over the phone???

Its a *** pyramid scam, believe it or not, it is. Oh and the melaleuca oil that is supposed to be so wonderful is just tea tree oil which you can pick up 2x the amount for half the price at Walmart.


Worst company to deal with ever. I am writing to the BBB about them RIGHT now.


Melaleuca is a great company with safe natural affordable products and wonderful people. I hv been a customer of Melaleuca for years and it absolutely life changing.

Sorry for what happenned to you but Not True at all that they steal money and charge letters. You just need to know the benefits.


I'm sorry you had a bad experience.

Melaleuca is a great company with great products. It sounds like you signed up for the prefered customer program, which is a specail program they offer for people to receive 40% discount off of the regular prices. as part of the program people agree to purchase at least $50 each month.

You can cancel any time, but it needs to be before the 20th of the month if you want out of the commitment for that month.

It's actually a pretty good program, and more than worth it to me, as I spend over $150 per month with them, and the discount is a nice bonus.

So, Melaleuca doesn't "Steal money" you just need to understand which program you signed up for.

You can also sign up for them with a "Direct Customer" program and have no commitment to buy at all, but you also miss out on the 40% discount.

I've shopped with them for years and have never had a single problem.

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