I've been shopping with Melaleuca for over 6 years and love the products that I use for my family. Recently, I decided to really do some hard price comparisons to the other stores I shop at (in my area that's Costco and The Real Canadian Superstore). I was surprised to see that in many cases, not even Costco offered better value than Melaleuca. Every product is a bit different but when looking at quality and safe ingredients, and cost per use, Melaleuca simply out performed the other stores.

So if you are looking for great quality and safe ingredients, without having to pay a premium, take a good look at Melaleuca.

Carl - Vancouver, BC

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Melaleuca Pros: Revenue sharing.

  • Exceptional Value
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Hi, Carl,

I like the products, but my friend thought it was too pricy.

I would like to have more information from your personal research about the pricing.

Perhaps you can make a few products for the price comparison?


Let's take the tub and tile for instance, costs. $7.76 makes 5 spray bottles, omega 3 $22.99, probiotic $23.99, bar of soap 4.99 lasts forever , shampoo $5.99... All quality.