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To inform the company of Melaleuca products are bad. Do not explain that if you do not make the order of the month automatically they take the money of your bank account they send you products that you dont knon.

They dont what neider to close the account because this is esay money for them I said this to all people this is a new way to take money the products are expency go to dollar store and get more for less money dont. DONT LET MELALEUCA PEOPLE FULL YOU SHAME ON YOU MELALEUCA COMPANIE YOU SAID THAT YOU WILL HELP THE INMIGRANT PEOPLE AND YOU ARE TAKEING THEIR MONEY SHAME ON YOU

Monetary Loss: $275.

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JC Penney should have them. Most setors that sell bras have them. I would buy them now but buy a cup size or two up to leave room for any enlargement once your milk comes in.


There is obviously a communication error as it is very clear that Melaleuca sets a back up order so if you forget you still get your products.....you need to understand what you are signing up into, an MLM business and how it works...back up orders!


Pay attention ... I don't always have the time to sit down and make an order.

I have a back up order of the things I love all ready to go. That way I don't need to think about it! So if I forget no problem.

Having the back up order helps me with my busy life. Thank you meleluca!

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