Coram, New York
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I had these girls try to get me to sign up for a dollar. Then the girls select a 35 point system for me.

Valued at 50. Every month I would get charged 50 to refer people to use these prodictet.

They wanted my social security info and billing info. Its a scam

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Not a scam....a legitimate company with awesome products.

I have suspended my membership before and also restarted it as well without any problems.

I can't say enough about how fabulously the products work and how the food

products I have sampled taste. The Oatmeal is fantastic.

Melagel ointment - tremendous.



Ah freedom! Freedom to understand a great opportunity and freedom unwittingly and ignorantly disagree. Ah freedom.


It's not a scam; if you took the time to read through your agreement and navigate around your site for a few minutes you would realize that you only have to maintain 35 points if you want to be a preferred customer that gets special discounts...and the only reason anyone would ask for your ss number is if you expressed an interest in being a Marketing your homework.


That doesn't make sense... I'm a shopper with Melaleuca and there are no monthly fees.

Yes, there was an annual fee which I accepted and understood because I listened to an educational overview. I have also referred a few friends/family because I have loved the company so much and they also have had no issues.