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Being a desperate college student, I thought I would try Melalueca, but over spring break I forgot my membership kit, so I tried to contact someone to cancel my membership (since I couldn't afford to pay the monthly backup order, which cost me at least $60!) Nobody would e-mail me back and when I called someone, all they would tell me was to so to a website. When I did that, it took me to a form that I had to print and mail to them, Do you know how long that would take to get to them to just cancel my order?!

before I knew it, they had pulled another $60 for my next backup order becuase my cancellation form didn't come in on time! That's their fault for not providing a way to cancel online! what a scam.

Plus, their products are nothing special, so I don't know why they cost so much. I will never recommend Melaleuca, It's a terrible company

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

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Good Grief, glad you are in college.

1) you can place your account on hold for up to 6 months -- I have done this myself several times

2) to cancel your membership, simply fax a letter to them, ask for confirmation and you are done.

Only stipulation (which I do find annoying) is that they must be received by a certain date in the month (I think the 25th)


You have poor grammar mzpaige83


u people are ignorant!!!


The CEO is a dinasour when it comes to using the internet to market Melaleuca and is also paranoid about distributors making false claims about earnings or about benefits of the products which may end up with claims against Melaleuca, even though the claims would not be made by the company but by independent distributors.

Instead they teach/encourage that anyone signing up meets their sponsor in person who is supposed to give them a full 20-30 minute presentation, which also explains the rules about back-up orders.

People obviously have an inclination to ahort-cut this process...

The business model iotself, when correctly applied, rewards diligence and a desire to help other people (you cannot succeed in it without helping other succeed)


Oh, good grief. Melaleuca doesn't sell anything so freaking fabulous that it requires all this nonsense.

& for all the people who CLAIM that they're making money, well, they *aren't*.

If this company was legit and reputable, then their ads would come right out and say "Melaleuca". BUT THEY DON'T. If this company was so wonderful, their reps would be allowed to actually advertise that they're with "Melaleuca".

BUT THEY CAN'T. Yes, it's all very shady with this company......


I like Melaleuca, I like the vitamins, I like the cleaning products, etc. One really should not blame a company for their inability to understand and follow clearly written policies, nor should they knock the products because they're upset with the company over policies that they either misunderstood or failed to act upon in a timely manner.


@casspoth12. Regardless, the comment is still vaild.

You get rubbish customer service and great customer service from your utility or cable company - it depends who answers the phone.

The company nitself is clearly legit and has more delighted customers than it has pissed ones.


I don't think these people who are complaining are lying. I talked to a representative who wanted to sign me up.

She left a lot of information out and kept trying to sell me on how I will make money. I would ask her questions and she would answer with something else. Completely avoiding the proper answer to my questions.

She didn't ask key questions and she kept saying other people where happy. I talked to my mother in law who did it and she didn't complain about the cancelation but she said it was a waste of time for her and the products where not that great .


What strikes me about the negative scam-scare-mongering posters on these threads is that they just seem to lack understanding, initiative and common sense!!

They seem to be unable to take responsibility for basic stuff, want everything done for them and blame everyone and everything else for their being "ripped off".

With such an attitude victimhood is it any wonder they never get anywhere.

Good grief the process for cancellation is clear in the T&C.

This post will infuriate all the whingers, but basically get over it. There are plenty of people who are loyal customers and many who make money in Melaleuca, who have recently grown to over $1B in sales.

It ain't them or their system that's broken - it's you.


The first thing my enroller did when i was starting with this company is make sure i understood every aspect of my membership.You dont complain about buying bulk product from Sams that arent really any cheaper that a regular store. But you bash so totally the product of a company you obviously didnt even try, since you said you immediately tried to cancel then you dont know what these products do.

I have kids with allergies and an adopted medically fragile child, and neither of them have allergies like they did. there are hundreds of uses for this product and if you spent a bit of time researching before signing up you would have known exactly what the process would be.

and even if you had orders go through for three months if you werent happy YOU GET REFUNDED THE WHOLE AMOUNT. Dont bash things you dont understand maam.


So from what you said, you could not remember who enrolled you? That is amazing by itself as that is usually who would help you suspend the enrollment.

The worst case scenario is that it took you one extra month since you could not find your own paperwork. I seems much of the problem was caused by you.


I am sorry that you feel that you were scams but all of the details are in the paperwork to become a PC customer. You can cancel at anytime, but it does take some time.

You have to read and you wont have this issues.

The products are great so please don't bash the product because of an mishaps you had.

~ Loyal Shopper

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