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Do yourself a huge favor and avoid becoming a distributor with Melaleuca. They have the worst reputation in the direct selling industry for dishonestly dealing with their marketers. Their CEO, Mr. Frank VanderSloot, will bring frivolous legal action against you if you decide to move to another company. He is also notorious for changing the compensation plan on a whim, and in the process, cheating their distributors out of their hard earned commissions. Don't believe me? go to: and see the actual proof for yourself. Specifically, paste this address into your browser:

Avoid this company or suffer the peril as VanderSloot has significant control over the legal system in Idaho. In fact, google Melaleuca law and you see why this is THE COMPANY TO AVOID!!!

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This is the dumbest one I've read yet! After almost 6 years with the company I find this statement to be completely false. All of the changes I have seen are designed to give more to the business builders!


Melaleuca is an awesome company. We are not distributors, so that was misguided on your part!

When the compensation plan gets changed by Frank, it's to improve things for everyone! So you're misinformed again!!


Some of you have no clue what you are talking about. I'm not even going to bother :sigh


Sure looks like this board is plagued by company postings....


Fraud, Scam or whatever people say really doesn’t matter. Or maybe, people don't read the “out clause” or terms and conditions before signing their name on the dotted line. It does not matter. Here are the Facts about Melaleuca, they sold over a BILLION DOLLARS worth of products, and people must like their products, right?

Pyramid systems have been outlawed in the US a long time ago and they don’t sell any products. Melaleuca has over 350 products. We are paid just for referring people to Melaleuca and helping them register and that’s it! No inventory control, no billing, no carrying of products. We are paid on immediate commissions with several tiers of bonuses and handsome residual income, how GREAT is that!

They have paid out over 2.8 Billion in commissions to regular people out there in the past 27 yrs. What is really great about Melaleuca is they genuinely want to HELP. This is Very Rare for a corporate identity. Helping people better their health; getting them out of debt; having a good personal life, so too in preserving our environment, is that a BAD goal to have?

This is more than a business for most of us. You would really have to experience Melaleuca, and when you do, you too would have fallen in love with them just it like the more than 850 thousand families that have joined them. Sorry, but it’s hard to find sad story’s telling lies here. What you will find are people’s experiences in how lives have changed because of Melaleuca.

A Successful Melaleuca breeds successful people and it’s not too late to join us. If you want to succeed and willing to work at it and if you think you are coachable, “We Will Help” because Melaleuca wants us to.

We are just starting; more questions, give me a call, Tony 408-771-0296.

If NOT, then, Good Luck on your travels and I hope you find contentment!


If people would read the contract that they sign instead of just jumping into something and taking someone's word for it wouldn't have such a big surprise when a "back-up" package arrived and their credit card was charged. And if the contract had been read the people signing it would have know that they can make up their own "back-up" package that can be sent if they forget to order so that they receive things they use monthly instead of things they may not use monthly.

It's not the companies fault that people don't read contracts they sign, it's a great company I love their products and their system.

The owner is a great man with great values and qualities. As for the presentations, it depends on the laziness of the person presenting them, there are people out there that will take the time to explain everything and people who won't that does not reflect on the entire company or the products it just reflects on that person presenting.


They charged my husbands account 72 dollars and change for 1 tooth paste(WITH FLORIDE!! YUCK!), 1 muscle rub ointment, 1 bar of soap, 1 small bottle of shampoo (8oz.) and 1 bottle of Women's Multi-Vitamins (60 count).

Now if I go to my local organic store and buy these items I may spend 25 dollars, but I am now being charged 47 dollars MORE for items I find that are Worse than the products I originally used. Also I did not agree (nor did my husband) to order these items. The woman who signed us up for this garbage "forgot" to make us aware that if we do not fill a certain "quota" of points by the end of the month, than they automatically send us a package of their choosing I suppose. But we also told her that I did not have money in my account so my husband would use his card for the intial "sign-up fee" but after that the card was to be removed from the account and I would continue to make payments with my debit card.

She took both our card information, but charges were continuing to be made to my husband account. We confronted her on the matter and she finally came clean about the "back-up order" (as she put it) but not before taking money from us that we needed to pay bills. So we called the company directly and got a b.s . run around story.

They said we had to return the products that we (they) ordered (for us), and then they would return our money. We did not even have the package to return it. And the woman we were talking to said our package should arrive in 3-5 business days. She then told my husband that if we wanted to close our account with them that she would be able to do so over the phone, but I would have to be the one to do so with her since the account was in my name.

So I got on the phone and told her flat out that I no longer wish to have an account with them. At the end of our conversation we thought the issue was resolved. Little did we know. 5 days later the package still hasn't arrived so we decide to give it another day before calling back.

The next day mail comes and no package, so my husband calls back and demands to talk to a supervisor or some one other then a customer rep agent. Well come to find out our account was not closed, the package takes 10 business days to arrive and we have to go online, download a form and fax it back to them in order to close our account. So we go to the website to download the form to fax to them, and guess what??? We can't!

Surprise surprise! There is an error with the page we are trying to access and we can not download the form. Do you think this is a coincidence? And if we do not have the form in by tonight at mid-night they will charge our account another 72 dollars for a package we DO NOT want!

So if anyone tries to tell me this is not a scam and they are such a "great" company I will tell them to *** d***! (figuratively speaking that is seeing as I am a female, lol) But in any case this is not a laughing matter and people need to be warned that they will do anything to get your money and they are NOT cheaper or better in anyway than your normal everyday household products.


That is really weird because I'm a Preferred Costumer and before I signed up they asked me over and over if I understood the 35 point quota and the backup order. Maybe the person who signed you up wasn't the best at being honest, but that is not the company's fault per se.

I loved the products since the 1rst time I started using them. But again, every experience is different.


Why don't you do yourself a favor and get your facts straight!


The biggest problem with people is they want something for nothing! You have to put out effort and work to make money at anything.

Me and my wife signed up 4 weeks ago, signed up 10 people , spent $200.00 on products and just received a $934.00 check in the mail. The easiest money we've ever made! Either I'm missing something or somebody has no idea what they are talking bout with this company. As for the products well obviously they are cheaper, I mean, we spent $200.00 and got back $934.00 in a month.

I would say we came out on this deal. Do not fall for the ideas and opinions of lazy people who are looking for a handout. There is no such thing as getting rich over night and even the Bible says a lazy man does not deserve to eat!

Me and my wife started this 4 weeks ago so I'll write again in 6 months and let everyone know the size of our monthly checks. God bless!


Ask your enroller:

- Who really owns my Meleleuca business? (what if I want to sell?)

- How much does the comp plan pay out? (watch for words like "as much as" or "up to")

- Where does the money go when someone doesn't qualify?

- If I brought in a downline ("organization" to Melalueca), why is my income capped?

- They tout limited changes to pricing, but the points obviously go down (meaning I have to spend more to meet my monthly minimum)... Why?


P.S. As for the compensation plan - I enrolled over 10 years ago - left and then enrolled again about 2 years later - the compensation plan never changed - I think it maybe improved a little and they extended the $400 and $1000 car allowance a bit.

Otherwise, the plan did not change much at all from over 10 years ago.

Good luck to your wife - she may rock it and be the next high money maker of Mela or she may just bring in enough to pay a few extra bills - any extra money is good money! :)


I never comment on these things but I felt the need. I was a customer for about 10 years. After my divorce I moved and just didn't order again and canceled my membership - with no problem at all. I enrolled a year later because my daughter has severe allergies and the products just worked really well. Cancer runs in the family and I watched a few close friends pass away and the non-toxic product line just made me feel better using in our home. The customer service reps have always been extremely nice, I love the products - not all of them but most of them and I was simply a preferred customer - I was not in it for money - I have a full time job that eats up most of my time and I'm raising a beautiful teenager on my own. And honestly, at the end of my long day I don't want to deal with contacting more people - I want to spend time with my daughter, cook dinner and enjoy my small family.

Anyway - Melaleuca is a great company, a strong company with a solid background. Unfortunately, like any consumer direct marketing company you can NEVER have total control over all of your marketing reps. There are WAY TOO MANY people in the business to make money and not actually help people. They don't explain the company or the products well at all and they end up giving Mela a bad rep. I did my research before becoming a customer because honestly when explained it I didn't like that you had to order each month. But after testing the products and seeing that I need vitamins and I use cleaning products and soap all the time - It just made sense to me and my home goals to purchase from Mela each month rather than running to the local stores. You can be a regular customer without being a preferred one but I chose preferred because I like the products a lot and there are some I just don't live without on a monthly basis - so it made sense for me.

Making extra money on the side sounds great - it can be done - you can make amazing money - but with money hungry people out there and their lack of desire to help anyone but themselves or for the lazy people who want the money but don't want to take the time to really understand the products, the company, the marketing plan and requirements - well then you have reps who are signing up anyone and everyone and not really signing up people who really want or match the plan. It becomes a numbers game to some and they are not in the business for the right reasons. It's unfortunate but that's the way it is. It sounds like several on this post have run into those reps.

I have referred a few friends and family members and they are still customers today after all these years. I only bring in about $200 a month but that's gas money or movie money for my daughter and me. It's not much, I didn't work my butt off to get that, it was simple - people would come to my house and use my products or have a health concern & I would tell them about Mela - whether they wanted to enroll or not was up to them. While I think the business plan can be amazing, it also takes dedication, honesty and someone who truly is in it to help others and not just reward themselves.

Mela is a good company and there are a lot of direct marketing options out there - you just have to find the one that is best for in Amway, Mela, Prepaid Legal - whatever floats your boat. Each company has it's own followers and it's own non-believers. I sold jewelry for a while - the girl who enrolled me makes well over $500K a year - me, I made about $1500 extra a month and that was that - it's all about what you do with your business and the matter what business you decide to get into.

You can test product if you find a great marketing rep - I would give anyone free product just to try before I would want anyone to commit to being a customer for any company. That's how it should be - unfortunately - again - with the lack of desire to help people, not many reps will do that. Business is business but Mela does care about people, their reps, their customers and hopefully one day they will have a fool-proof plan on how to get the lazy reps out of the way so they can continue to see such amazing growth. I'm impressed - even though I don't build the business. I really just do not have time for it or the desire to want to speak to hundreds of people I don't know. I do however, recommend the products or refer others if they are interested - to the rep who enrolled me. I find that it is not fair to enroll someone looking for something more than product if I don't have the dedication myself to do it on my own.

No matter what company you are with or being introduced to - be sure to do your research. Any company should give you sample product - any rep should be willing to do that - no matter the company - if the rep you are working with won't, find another. Just do your research. No matter how good the company is - you will find bad reviews on EVERY single company out there - the only thing that matters is what you believe.

Okay - I spoke my piece, vented a little and bragged about the (lia sophia jewelry) and Mela companies I really love. No, I won't be a marketing millionaire but I am okay just being the single mom with healthy products, some really beautiful jewelry and a little extra spending cash in the pocket should I want a new pair of shoes, or my daughter wants an iTouch or if I need to clean my floor with non-toxic products so the new puppy can play around and clean the crumbs off the floor without getting chemicals in his mouth!

There you have it - my two cents. Do your research people! No matter who comes to you about any product or opportunity, do not jump right in. It leads to disappointment - be sure you are in it because YOU want to be. Any doubts - don't do it.


what was the outcome of the lawsuit mentioned by the first post? I will believe a judge before anyone else.


anonymous- maybe you can answer this.. I wanted to try the product.

After I was givin a presentation and browsed the catalog it was apparent to me I did NOT want to become a preferred customer until i tried the product. The agreement of automated monthly purchases and difficulty in cancelling was a red flag for me. I offered to order a starter pack at RETAIL and by money order only.. I was told i couldn't, that i needed to become a preferred customer.

This made no sense to me and was another red flag. I was then told "your just switching stores" "you save 40% by being preferred" etc.. yeah I understand that but why even have retail prices..

is it accurate you can't buy at retail? or was i being scammed?


It seems to me that the author of this complaint has NO idea what he/she is talking about. Competitor maybe?

Also, there are so many GOOD things and testimonies about this company it far out weighs the occasional complaint. Yea, I am sure it is some conspiracy right? I want the haters to try it.

Compare prices to Method and other competitors. If you are buying green products at the grocery store already and actually want effective vitamins, you will save money with this company not mention have improved quality of life.


marketer and consumer- Is it possible a good portion of the complaints that you say "are from people that don't "get it"" may have been mislead or misinformed. Have you been to a presentation?

are giving these presentations? are explicit in what the agreement/cancellation policy means? what about those new to presentations who are giving them to friends and family, who are eager to help out. The presentations are slick and vauge and it's apparent to me how people can get caught in this and not like the whole process.

I personally can;t get past the agreement and ridiculous cancellation policy to even try the product.. but i'm naturally skepitical so what can you do.


I have been in the marketing business for many years. What I would like to see is an actual FACTUAL account of those dissatisfied with this specific company and those that cheer it on either as a consumer or as a marketer.

This "hit or miss" complaint system seems to be scattered to the 4 corners of the wind. All I see are 1 or 2 complaints.

Let us put together one specific site to register all hearings from both sides of the issue and stack them up...

My point is this: beings my experience in marketing both as beginner and management has led me to the conclusion that the ones that complain are usually the ones that do not "get it" or understand the concept. It is true that most companies have a non-competition pact so as to save themselves the expense of dealing with corporate espionage.


I'd love to know where the author got the fact that Melaleuca has "the worst reputation"?? Besides a personal opinion I see nothing that backs this up.

In fact, there are scores of awards by independent organizations praising Melaleuca AND Frank Vandersloot for their business practices, models, and compensation plan. If you're going to state opinions, fine, but mlm watchdog is nothing more than opinions from other disgruntled people that were looking for fast money!!


Well I have just read all of the above comments and wonder if this dissatified person was ever really a Melaluca customer. I started using the products 11 years ago.

No one ever promised me a get rich quick plan. Yes there have been some changes to the risidual income structure over the years. Now it is better!!!!! The products just keep getting better and better.

the product line keeps expanding each year for more healthy choices for your family. I have been a member of other marketing companies and never have any of them allowed you to crossover and solict downlines.

No other company allows you to just be a customer and then years later build an additional stream of income for your family or retirement. I love Melalueca.!!!!

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