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Melaleuca has a pretty good scam going if you ask me! Trying to cancel a regular order is not an easy task at all! Then they will run your "backup order" I had to send a fax in to the company to cancel which they never seemed to get. Hmmmmmmm.....

I like MLM I don't like Scams. I had to cancel my credit card to stop them from charging me every month and sending me products that I didn't need. I'm not saying the products were bad I'm just saying that once I have an 8 month supply of Laundry detergent, vitamins, toothpaste, body wash, and bulletproof pantyhose... I don't need them forcing me to buy a bunch more. And I don't know of any company that sells products who... When you call them and say "stop sending me products" tells you that you need to fill out a form and fax it in to them. I have an idea... how about you click on the computer where my order is and press the DELETE button.

What a bunch of scammers! DO NOT JOIN MELALEUCA! Unless you like to take advantage of people and make them order something every single month that they don't want!

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Vitamins.

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Not only is it hard to cancel but they in a sneaky way double your back up order without telling you. Do not sign up do not turn into a business or your friends will look at you like a *** because you were trying to sell them something


Fraud, Scam or whatever people say really doesn’t matter. Or maybe, people don't read the “out clause” or terms and conditions before signing their name on the dotted line. It does not matter. Here are the Facts about Melaleuca, they sold over a BILLION DOLLARS worth of products, and people must like their products, right?

Pyramid systems have been outlawed in the US a long time ago and they don’t sell any products. We are paid just for referring people to Melaleuca and helping them register and that’s it! No inventory control, no billing, no carrying of products. They pay on immediate commissions with several tiers of bonuses and handsome residual income, how GREAT is that!

They have paid out over 2.8 Billion in commissions to regular people out there in the past 27 yrs. What is really great about Melaleuca is they genuinely want to HELP. This is Very Rare for a corporate identity. Helping people better their health; getting them out of debt; having a good personal life, so too in preserving our environment, is that a BAD goal to have?

This is more than a business for most of us. You would really have to experience Melaleuca, and when you do, you too would have fallen in love with them just it like the more than 850 thousand families that have joined them. Sorry, but it’s hard to find sad story’s telling lies here. What you will find are people’s experiences in how lives have changed because of Melaleuca.

A Successful Melaleuca breeds successful people and it’s not too late to join us. If you want to succeed and willing to work at it and if you think you are coachable, “We Will Help” because Melaleuca wants us to.

We are just starting; more questions, give me a call, Tony 408-771-0296.

If NOT, then, Good Luck on your travels and I hope you find contentment!


well you know as with anything it does take a while to cancel try cancelling your home phone svc or cellular svc, it takes a while and how about book clubs or record/cd clubs hmm? oh well a company will do their best to keep their customers happy, maybe you had a rep that was'nt attentive to your needs.


rofl!!! Yep,you can only cancel by fax or snail mail.

Actually, I'm surprised they don't ask you to use carrier pigeons.

The reason, so all the "pro-mela's" say, is that the company wants to make sure that no one is canceling your account but you. I wish someone had taken my account and cancelled it for me...would have made my life easier!!!


Haha...I thought I was the only one with overstocked stuff!!! Seriously don't know what to do with them... :(

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