Bellevue, Washington

I was approached by a Melaleuca rep under the pretense of purchasing my product. She ordered 2 custom gift baskets and asked me to deliver them in order to get me to her presentation. When I didn't sign up (after lots of pressure) she returned the baskets.

I WAS interested in the products, but sure don't like the pressure and the false pretenses she used to get me to look at it. I would have considered looking at purchasing in the future, but now I definitely will not.

If the product is really so good, why do they resort to all the purchasing requirements that turned me off? I don't want to sell, just be a customer. I think this is a company to be very careful about joining.

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I feel like the rep/friend that signed me updown right lied. I don't like the way the sales reps try and sign you up.

Like YOU don't need to read it....TRUST ME! some friend....don't talk to that lying woman.


Sorry if this gets posted twice, I don't think my last one worked.

I am a Melaleuca rep & I can guarantee you that I would never "trick" anyone into a meeting. You're never going to get anywhere that way. The fact that she returned the gift baskets is terrible! I love the products, I've been using them since May 2010. However, I know that to become a customer is something each person needs to decide for themselves. I love when I get the chance to share the information, but it has to make sense to that person. If it doesn't work for them now, it may down the road. You can't pressure someone into signing up, those are going to be unhappy people that end up canceling. So, it's not helping either one of you.

I hope that if you really were interested in trying the products out for yourself that you're able to find a rep with better business practices.

Take care!


I am not a rep either, but I am a preferred customer. I'm sure some reps tend to get a little over-excited and pushy at the prospect of increasing their commission, as with any direct marketing company. What that person did was wrong and only reflects on them as an individual, but don't let it impact your decision to try the products.


To me it seems like Melaleuca reps are obsessed. Every situation is always a sell.

Every little ailment they have a cure for. I wont even invite my Melaleuca friends to social engagements anymore because I am tired of them making every moment a sales pitch. And, it has annoyed more than a few of my friends. Also, the pitch is always elusive.

They will never tell you what they are selling, they just want to get you to a lengthy meeting. No matter how many ways you ask, the answer is never Melaleuca it is always some variation of a "Business Opportunity".


I am not a Melaleuca rep. What I would say is...that even though you had a bad experience by one bad and unethical rep, this should not leave a bad taste in your mouth for the company or reps as a whole.

From what I have seen and heard of melaleuca and their core policy, that is not an accepted practice. If you were interested before in their products, give them a chance.


Wow. That is very poor behaviour by a Melaleuca rep I have to say.

I have been with Melaleuca for 2.5 years and I love the products and love being able to help others.

The money I make allows me to be a stay at home mom and work when I want to work around the schedule of my young children and I get to be with them everyday which has been amazing. I'm sorry you had to have such a bad experience.


Sounds like you had a bad rep for sure. That's not what melalduca intends at all. He/she must've misinterpreted.

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