San Diego, California

I LOATHE this company. Pushy, desperate, psycho, shady sales people willing to push their *** on poor friends and family.

Leave us alone! Do something wanted or needed. They can't accept no for an answer... pushy predators with no conscience who are so brain washed they don't know everyone is talking behind their backs.

If you do this, everyone thinks you're annoying. Everyone thinks you have zero integrity. You will say anything to make money. And the phrase "We don't lose friends over laundry detergent!" Bahahahaha!

It's so icky and uncomfortable to be solicited by them and you don't want to hurt their feelings because they're your friend but they've drunk the Kool Aid and are now just desperate little brain-washed snakes. Please do something real and leave your friends alone. We're not interested!

If we were we'd come to you. What is wrong with you people?

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What is wrong with you?. They're wonderful products, natural, clean, environmentally safe products.

If you cant afford them just say you don't want them... this is a sad excuse for a review.

My best friends 2 year old child has severe Eczema and this company has saved her life. You're ignorant.


Just get to the point already. I got tired of listening.