Columbus, Ohio

This company is for suckers! They told me it was $1.00 to join - but took $30.00 from my checking account - and they did the same thing to my sister.

They told me that I had to order every 30 days - but before I had the chance - they mailed me a "back up" order. I had to call - and be refunded again. At that time - I told them I wanted out - I quit. I also emailed them and told them I wanted out.

A month later - guess what -they shipped me another "backup" order - and took another $68 from my checking account. They told me that the email I sent, along with the conversation I had with their call center - was not enough - that I had to sign the email in order for the account to have been cancelled. When I asked why they did not email me back to tell me that - they could not answer. Now they are refusing to refund the shipping charges for the order they sent a month after I cancelled the account.

Their call center people were RUDE! Do not get involved with this company - BAD BAD people!!!!

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Go to and read about MM companies Put Melaleuca mlm and search. You guys must all sell this product, as this has to be a set up site to deceive people.

Lol. The party signed people up online. I don't have to read I never join these companies give m your checking account number was enough or me.

I was out the door in a flash on my way to target. Lol lol to the bank !


I've been a Melaleuca customer for 12 years.

The products have proven to be AWESOME, less

expensive, and work better that store products

Their level of honesty is so remarkable, I've

referred family AND friends to become members.

Although I explain EVERYTHING, there are still

those who "DO NOT LISTEN OR READ", then they

complain and point the blame at Melaleuca. I

have learned to say "some get it,some WON'T,

NEXT. These products have been a "BLESSING"

to MANY famlies, including mine!!


I joined Melaseuca last year and am very happy with all the products, and am very happy to order 35 points per month, I figured it out, and 35 points is actually less than I normally spend in the store and Costco for the products that I purchase, and I like the fact that the products are concentrated and I am spending less most of the time, I am sorry their are representatives out their that did not make it perfectly understood that you had to make a 35 point order each month to receive the discount, but their is also a way to join and not get an automatic order every month, you just have to remember you wont get the same discount.


All of you "complainers" out there.... do any of you bother to truly read and understand what you are entering into?

The fault lies within you. this is a very reputable "dot your I's cross your T's" organization... and there are processes to do everything.. from ordering to canceling.

We are all adults and need to start taking responsibility for our own actions...

and stop trying to pass the buck!

dont mean to offend anyone but lets be more responsible for ourselves! :)


In response to "Sounds "FISHY" to me", anyone who is "working" for Melaleuca is a customer. So, you are assuming that "NO problems with returns here" is strictly a customer.

Melaleuca is like a big family. Anyone can help anyone with any issues. And more times than not, they are more than willing. As far as returning products goes...if for any reason you are unsatisfied with what you ordered, you can return it.

No questions asked and no need to return the product you were unsatisfied with. They will either replace with another item or refund your money. Easy as pie. Every single complaint that I read about Melaleuca comes from someone who obviously didn't pay attention to what they were signing.

I did my research prior to. Read the complaints. Looked into the allegations. It isn't anyone's fault but there own if they didn't do the research and read what they were signing.

People are so quick to agree and then when it doesn't go their way, point fingers and blame someone else. Melaleuca is a good company who makes good products, but it isn't for everyone. There aren't "so many" people canceling. In fact, they have a 95% return customer base.

95% of everyone who will order this month, will VOLUNTARILY order again next month. And it has been that way for 26 years.


We have been customers for 14 years and have never had a problem. With how easy it is to deal with Melaleuca, I would look to the person who introduced you.

The family that introduced us has always been there and never over stated anything. Unfortunately like any home business there are bad apples representatives running around and it sounds like that is what you got.


Right in the membership kit it says in order to get wholesale prices... shop at least once a month.

Also if you decide to cancel your membership, needs to be in writting (says that too) Read more, complain less.The products are great, the prices are very fair, and the conviencence is the BEST!!! I have been shopping with Melaleuca for 21 months.


This is in response to "NO problems with returns here." If the company is so great why did you need to help so many people cancel their accounts? Can't they cancel on their own?

Why do so many cancel period!

Why do (in your words)"many" people return products? No one should need the help of another member (or customer) to make a simple return or cancellation!!


The person who helped you to set up your account with Melaleuca is the one you should start with. They have the responsibility to ensure that you don't have these issues, and to help you resolve them if they do happen. I have been a customer for over 10 years and have helped many people cancel their accounts and return products with no problems.


I cancelled my debit card because of them. I would advise anyone else to do the same!!

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