You know, it doesn't matter WHAT you're talking about, there will be SOME people who complain. I don't mean to be rude, but unfortunately there are just some people who are complainers!

So let's look at the facts. The Better Business Bureau has received 337 complaints about Melaleuca over the lasts 3 years. ... all of which were resolved to the customers satisfaction.

There are over 850,000 families that shop with Melaleuca on a monthly basis. Last year Melaleuca's gross sales was over a billion dollars. Considering that Melaleuca has served over 850,000 people well, 337 complaints in 3 years is a miniscule amount! And yes -I AM a Melaleuca customer and occasionally I refer someone else to The company and for that I am compensated.

Is this a "scripted" reply?

Absolutely not! Once again, I don't mean to be rude, but it sounds to me like the positive reviewers are simply more intelligent people than the complainers.

Location: Vancouver, Washington

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They are not the quality they claim to be or they would disclose All of their ingredients on the labels. Instead, they hide behind their FDA and EPA labels...


They do post it on the label.


Well said. FYI.

There are well over 1,000,000 people shopping monthly. Consider this. Many of the monthly shoppers order more than once per month and that does not include those who are non-Preferred customers. So there are literally millions of orders being placed monthly.

In 3 years that equates to over 100 Million orders.

OMG, there were a few hundred complaints out of those 100 Million orders. Sounds like a huge number of unhappy customers....NOT!!!


I find that people who complain, try to pick on bad customer service. I find people who are doing that are from another company and just trying to claim the customer service is bad.

I 've had orders damaged during transit.

I call the company and they send out an immediate replacement, no charge. I've never had an issue talking with anyone and I've been with them since 2008.


Not really sure why Jeffery feels that he needs to bash Mormons just because he isn't a happy soul...

Melaleuca, while not being for everyone is for others. We are all entitled to our own opinions WITHOUT saying that everyone has to be Mormon to like it is false and RUDE.

Every single person in this world should do their own education on ANYTHING before getting involved and if you are not excited about it then great but there is never any need for you to bash a company, religion, or another human for something that made you unhappy. FIND JESUS and smile instead of being so hateful....

it leads to stress, death and just an all around unhappy life. :) (I LOVE MELALEUCA...not a Mormon)


I imagine that 850,000 satisfied customers are also sales reps who are also Mormons who support it. This is a MLM, pyramid scheme, ponzy, you name it SCAM.

Just because you believe in it or it makes you money doesn't mean it is good for everyone. I imagine there are also plenty more complaints that never see the light of day on the internet.



EVERY complaint posted on the internet sees the light of day. It's an open source that allows EVERYONE - even the complainers like you - to voice their opinion.

Hopefully, people who read your review will see it for what it is, just good old bashing.

Over 85% of Melaleuca customers are ONLY customers and NOT "sales reps". We love the products because they're great products. Maybe not for everyone - people have their own tastes.

But for a lot of us, they're great products. Just like Tide might be the preference for some folks, MelaPower is the preference for others. That's all.

It's not a scam and it's unfortunate you feel that way.

The person who enrolled you evidently didn't do the company or you the justice either of you deserve. It's up to the people who promote Melaleuca products to do it the right way and help their customers, even the ones who decide it's not for them. My perspective is that there is no one who should have a negative experience with this company or the people who represent it unless the people who represent it aren't doing so appropriately. Sounds like you didn't have someone who cared enough about their customer base to help you through your challenges.

You can bash if you want - that's just what some people do - but the facts will always float to the surface.


Jeffrey, please look up what MLM is, what a pyramid scheme is, what a ponzy scheme is and you scam......then try to fit it to, Avon, Amway, Nu Way, Prudential, John Hanncock and all the other companies out there. By then hopefully you'll know what they are, what the differences are and who is and who isn't a SCAM.

Melaleuca is legitimate....and unlike the other health (supplement) companies out there, Melaleuca is a REGISTERED PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY....just like BAYER, GLAXO -WELCOME, ELI LILLY....and if you think they're a Ponzi scheme, or pyramid...you really are just a bitter, bitter person....and don't care about your accusations . You're just throwing your hate around to see where it sticks.

Good luck! Type your message here


Jeffrey, where do you get your information? Is everyone that lives in Idaho Mormon?

The company can prove it isn't MLM, and you sir don't know what MLM, pyramid , ponzy or anything else you can name, even means.

You're just terms out to see where they stick. So your opinion is noted but not terribly valued.


You're just throwing out terms to see where they stick

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