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I've been a happy Melaleuca customer for over 10yrs - it's about SWITCHING STORES FOLKS! If you choose to share with people you'll get paid.

If not, you're still getting exceptional products at reasonable prices. What's so complicated about that??

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It's so difficult because most people have had problems with unauthorized charges, bad customer support, pushy unethical sales people, and it's been known to be near impossible to cancel as they delay and ignore cancelation or refund requests.

That's what's so hard to 'understand' about this company aka MLM SCAM


Actually it's very easy to cancel. You sign a paper and send it in.

The customer support is great and it is not an MLM.

It is consumer direct marketing, a trademark Melaleuca owns and nobody else can use. If Melaleuca was fraudulently charging people, they would be closed down by either the federal govt, or the credit card associations would tale away their right to accept credit cards.