Chicago, Illinois
Not resolved

Used products for (4) years. Great product.

Could not make a living from it. Stopped ordering. They continue to send. Have sent back.

Just a pain in the butt now.

Will never do business with them again. BS

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Why can't you get the orders to stop? I did.

I called and told them that I just couldn't afford 35 points every month.

I didn't have any problems. They don't send me anything or charge me anymore.


63% of melaleuca customers don't build a business they are consumers. Becoming a customer of the company does not automatically mean your going to make a living from it.

Learn to market and close new business you will be successful in any endeavor.

100% of your earnings are in the close of a sale.

Melaleuca market executives earn commissions for driving preferred memberships to the company.


How about the concept of enjoying products that are natural and don't have cancer causing ingredients in them. Their products are far superior to anything you could find elsewhere.

I have used their products for years and know that when you, your child, your grandchild are using these products in the home that they are safe, do not cause cancer are concentrated and that you save so much money how could you not want to use them! Let's go over this:


2.Concentrated, oh so your saving money!

Who couldn't use that!

3.Safe! Safe for your home, self, children, pets,


Ok then, stop whining!

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