Bendigo, Victoria County

Great products, excellent customer service but was unable to keep up with minimum monthly purchase of approximately $100 per month. Minimum monthly needs to be reduced significantly.

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As a Melaleuca preferred customer we are required to purchase items that have product point values. Product point values vary from 1-15+. I regularly purchase the required 35 minimum points for around $65 (considerably lower than the $100 indicated in this review.) The amount spent will vary depending on what items you order or prefer.


I agree. It is really hard to meet the 35 points each month.

I find myself overstocked. 20 points would be more realistic.


Products are not all chemically safe. Tub and Tile irritates my breathing and gives me coughing fits.

Some contain EDTA and other not so great ingredients such as flouride and sodium lauryl sulphate in their toothpaste.

Shouldnt be considered as detox products or eco friendly. It was easy enough to cancel membership

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