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We have been members of the wellness company Melaleuca for the last 7 years. This company provides beauty products, nutritional supplements and snacks, cleaning products, household products, a Kids' line, Pharmacy products (ie first aid type of things), personal body products, etc…We love the products and love the fact that we know that our children's and our health is not being compromised in our everyday activities.

The prices are a smidge more than what you would pay at Walmart or Target for cleaning supplies, but you get what you pay for. And, most of the Melaleuca products are concentrated, so there really is a lot of product in a small amount of packaging. You will save money by becoming a Preferred Customer, and will have to order a minimum of 35 base points a month. That can range from $45-however much you want to spend. I normally spend about $65 including shipping and taxes. That will include cleaning, health, some nutritional supplements and snacks, beauty, and body supplies. The shipping time is fairly fast, normally within 4 business days of ordering I have my products here at the house. The nice thing is that Melaleuca has an awesome return policy. They have an empty bottle return policy that means if I use a bottle of lotion and decide that it did not work out for me the way that I thought it would, I have a certain amount of time to return that empty bottle and let them know for a full refund. Try doing that at Walmart! I had a situation where I was not sure how one of the cleaning products would work if it had gotten frozen. With living up in Northern WI, the winter months can be brutal and when my package sat outside all day and the cleaning products were all frozen I called the company, they said that it should not effect my products, but would send me new ones with orders for the shipping company to bring back to the warehouse if I was not home for me to pick it up so to avoid the freezing. I was able to return all of my products free of charge.

Some people do this as a business as well. I am not involved with the business aspect of it, but I do have some friends that are that make great money doing it.

These are great products that I stand by and will continue to purchase. My favorite products are the kids' bath line, Sustain Sport Drink mix, Melapower Laundry cleaner, the shampoo (all of the lines of it), my husband loves the Mens' line and refuses to buy anything different. And the Soluguard is awesome as well. That is just a fraction of what we buy on a regular basis.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Customer Care.

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I also want to let you know that our company's website also links you to other major name brand sites where you can get great deals and save some money. Once you sign up with us and order our products after the 6th month you get the products free and on top of that when you join as an IBO you can also enjoy the benefits of getting cash back and build up your points.

Also the products that you buy are for your use and to do demos with if people are interested. You will enjoy what you buy with also our 180 day satisfaction guarantee where you can replace, or get another one if it is in need of repair(broken)!

No questions asked! So just check us out at and at You Tube under Amway for our commercials and you will see the strives and commitments we have made since 1959!!


I am very happy that this company is working out for you, but what about just browsing around my company's site that pretty much does the same thing. Hello!

And thank you for reading this note. My name is Gina Tsirikos and I am a rep from Amway and this is the company that has been global since 1959!! Yes we sell all natural, safe, and organic products but we have done sooo much more for different communities and countries.

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