Dundas, Ontario

I just joined, but I'm canceling.

I got my first shipment of "natural products" and the bars are sweetened with Maltitol (an artifical carcinogenic sweetener), the Renew Lotion contains Petrolatum (proven to be a carrier of carcinogens - unregulated in Canada) and Dimethicone (not extremely harmful, but far from natural and has many negative effects on skin), plus a long list of other ingredients in each of the products I ordered. Even the cleaning products aren't trustworthy. See attached... "Naturally derived water softening agent. Naturally derived enzymes."... Come on!! Opium is naturally derived - doesn't mean it is good for me!! Those aren't "ingredients" - they're a cryptic description of who knows what!!! Peanuts are natural, but deadly to people who have an allergy.

The fact that this company promotes itself as all-natural is baffling. And the fact that people just believe it and promote it without reading labels and doing research is exactly what they want.

I'm especially upset about it because I was very eager to start selling for them! I bought in.. And now I feel duped.

I don't even care that much about all natural... But I care that I was lied to and misled. Their products all have one or two natural ingredients - but they're NOT all-natural.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Thank you for your reviews. I just gave a lady my personal information to start an account but have not enrolled yet.

I know see that it is not a good idea to. I just wanted to try one product but I don't think it is worth signing my life away,if you get what i mean.

Thank you for educating me. Also, if I have not activated anything, can this lady do anything with my personal information?


Unsure of what you mean by signing your life away?


They seem to be good at a happy middle. All "green" is very expensive and I think they do a great job in keeping the price cheaper.

The items are healthier then what you buy at the stores and a lot is cheaper.

It saves me time for things to be delivered to m door. I'm very happy with most of the items I have used so far.


If you want one product, call the company and pay retail. Simple.

@Mela shopper

You can't call the company and pay retail. I contacted them to do just that and they would only take my info and have a club member call me back to become a member. Everyone doesn't want to become a member.


Melaleuca does not claim to be "all natural". They are, however, environmentally friendly and much safer than grocery store products.


Perhaps you are just looking for an excuse to be upset? Maltitol is a GRAS substance, and while it has a higher glycemic value is absorbed by the body slowly due to the size of the molecule.

It is comparative, and in fact safer, to corn syrup. Also, the bars do not claim to be 'all natural'. The products that DO claim to be natural, actually are. There are several videos produced by Melaleuca specifically to outline these facts, as they want informed customers.

Perhaps your experience being introduced to the company was not as it should have been, but I am a fan of their products and I think you are doing yourself a disservice by feeling duped and therefore no longer wishing to explore what they have to offer.


You people just don't read or pay attention or whatever. Melaleuca Renew makes NO claim to be ALL NATURAL.

These products are NON TOXIC.

Melaleuca's quest is too rid your home of toxins. You don't get it.

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