Sacramento, California
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Melaleuca will rip you off sooner or later. They refuse to give refunds even after they told you the refund will be issued.

You wait and all you get is a letter stating you have a credit on your account and you can use it towards products. They gave me the run around for a year and than finnally said they used up my credit on sending out letters to me stating I have a credit. Unbelievable!

Oh and they will tell you it's your fault, and their is nothing they can do. worst company to be involved with ever.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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I have shopped with them for 15 years and have been totally satisfied!! I had one order in those years that leaked. They REPLACED EVERYTHING AT NO COST TO ME!


Don't sign a contract with Melaluca, we did 7 years ago and got monthly certificates to use toward purchases, but we have not used in about 4 years, last order placed asked about cancelling and was told would loose outstanding certificates. But they charge you a renewal fee automatically every year without notifying you that it is time to renew and because you allow them to do this they can continue to charge you $50 per month for certicates until you finally put through 20 requests, by phone, email, and fax to have account cancelled. Then refunds are denied on outstanding certificates because you allowed them to renew you even though they didn't let you know it was time to renew


I dont think you've given the whole story and deem this complaint to be illegitimate. When you say what actually happened, then I may believe you.


:cry :? :upset :eek :roll :) 8) :p :sigh :x melaluca is a company that will try to tell u to find more ppl and more like a pyramid network so the ppl above you gets richer not u


Credit on Account is never taken away unless you cancel the account. The only time they send out letters is for a refund via check if you do not cash it - the amount is refunded once you do call in it redeem it. Sounds like there is something missing.


I've been a customer of Melaleuca for 7 years ... never had a problem with credits, returns, customer service ...


I think it's a great company ... sure don't understand why you had a problem.

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