Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I join and was told that the membership fee would be returned if I changed my mind and as long as it was under 120 days and before the 25th of the month. Also had to return the box with all the membership info.

This was all done in under 30 days and still I am waiting . What a scam!!!! Its no wonder I haven't heard much about them they are a scam. You must buy $ 50.00 at least merchandise each month.

That is alot of cleaning supplies for two people ! They should be investigated by consumer affairs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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I joined Melaleuca 3 years ago but when I had a drastic decrease in income, I canceled my membership. No problems.

It had cost me about $80 a month. I still had to buy toothpaste, soaps, laundry and cleaning products etc. but I was now forced to buy generic. I could not afford the name brand or safer products.

It is not that their products are expensive. If you compare apples to apples, they are priced comparatively with the popular store brand products only much safer and healthier. As soon as I got back on my feet, I went back to Melaleuca. How much is your health worth!

I had a couple of medical scares and I now take vitamins and products for blood pressure, cholesterol, and pre-diabetes. There is NO comparison between Melaleuca and other vitamins and supplements. Other stores and clubs have 2 for 1 or huge bottles at small prices, but to use the apples to apples again, you are not comparing like products. The solubility makes the big difference.

Are you really saving money if the pills don't dissolve fast enough and you pass through your system and down toilet. That now makes those cheaper supplements, literally, ***!

I love Melaleuca products. I can truly see a big difference in my laundry, dishes, skin, teeth and my overall health.


There are no better products on the market for your household. I have been a customer for 11 years,have told some of my friends about the wonderful products and they are now customers, because of that I have all my products paid for every month and have for years because I get a small commision every month when they buy.

I and my customers could buy products wherever we want but because Melaleuca's are so good we keep better endorsement than that anywhere! :)


Dear JustJan...I know you don't have a negative comment about Melaleuca, but allow me to clarify some of your comments. First of all: You were never a rep of were a MARKETING EXECUTIVE.

There IS a difference. You don't sell SELL MEMBERSHIPS or OPEN SHOPPING ACCOUNTS. You don't make share in the REVENUE from referring customers.

Just these shifts in perception have changed my business tremendously. Revisit it as a business.


Overrated and overpriced products

Similar products available everywhere are far better and less expensive

Requires a monthly commitment

Minimum product orders required. If you don’t buy, they ship backup orders.

Your purchasing habits are controlled by Melaleuca

Requires constant monitoring

This adds up to monthly costs in excess of $75 + shipping $10 + taxes

Cancellation is difficult and time consuming. They guarantee 100% satisfaction, but;

Requires that all items be returned

Only returned products are refunded

Shipping at your own expense and not refunded

Time delays for your credit card account to be reimbursed


Buyer beware!

Read the contract carefully. 100% satisfaction is not 100% refunded.

It’s dressed up as a unique business model for sellers, but it is really an MLM scheme. Not a win-win for consumers!


:x You were not totally correctly informed. You SWITCH your shopping !

Not hard to do. You will not run out of things to buy. They actually give you loyalty shopping dollars, and you are not forced at ant time you can cancel. When you sign on the line and agree to become a member you agree that you will switch your shopping if you are a preferred customer to get lots of benefits for free when you make a monthly order.

$60-$70 That is with shipping and handling and taxes added. Products are amazing and all have done what was claimed they do and much more. I have been a satisfied customer :) for a year now, and do not ever plan on not ordering. I recieve a check every month from them any where between 4-$500 depending on how many people I tell about them and help to start up an account.

I am not a REP and they are NOT MLM. Sorry you feel like their products are over priced and over rated but I have to disagree with you majorly :roll. They have taken care of everyone of my customers that I have referred and that have cancelled and it's all in if the customer gives them a chance. They have a Blue torch award with the BBB for goodness sakes.

You don't get that for being like everyone is saying they are.

There are only a few companies with this award. Hope you enjoy buying your products elsewhere though I'll stick with the most amazing products you'll ever find 8)


Um, Melaleuca is a product you're supposed to sell. When I was a rep, it was $100 a month in sales to keep a membership that gave you a discount on the products.

It isn't a scam. If the person who recruited you didn't tell you up front you had buy a certain dollar value a month, then the person who recruited you needs to be retrained.

I haven't been a rep for about 7 years now, but I still the products because they are worth every penny, including the green cleaning supplies.

The dude's comment above appears to be spam, since his reply has nothing to do with melaleuca.


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