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Melaleuca is a great company, it delivers the best green products available. To enroll, membership can cost anywhere from one to twenty nine dollars, and twelve dollars yearly renewal fee.

You can choose to be a PREFERRED or DIRECT customer. Direct, u can buy products when u want, as much as u want, at direct prices. Simple as that. Now, my favorite, PREFERRED- there is a 35 or 75 product point monthly commitment, but this way you will receive a 30-40% savings from direct product price.

you will be given the opportunity to refer others to the company and you can receive commission cheeks, for more info on this u can call 208-522-0870 option 3 for their business line. There are many other services also available to preferred customers like, mortgage services, vehicle services, health card savings, phone, credit card app, home security alarm system and many others. 100 loyalty shopping dollars for melaleuca products free. ...and not to mention a BACKUP ORDER is required for all preferred customers.

This is a order that the customer can pre select the product or authorize melaleuca to select that will equal their product point commitment incase they don't order in corresponding month, incase u can't or forget to place the order. This will make it so that u don't lose your preferred benefits, and this is why a method of payment is required at all times. Plus it makes it easy so just incase your on the go they will have your info on file. To buy product u will need to be referee by someone u know has a melaleuca account or call 1800-282-3000.

Canceling is also easy, you just need to send a cancelation form by fax or mail by the 25th of cancel month, for more info u r welcome to call a customer service rep. It would take me forever to mention the great services melaleuca can ofer u and your family, not to mention the over 350 products they have to offer. I'm grateful for all the time and investigation that is put into these products before they become available to customers. They r not just products someone decides one day to sell to make money.

These r products that will make a difference in your life, health, family and our environment. After all, melaleuca is committed to " enhance the life of those we touch by helping people reach their goals".

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you have to fax or mail so they can say then never recieved it and keep charging your credit card every month

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