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Over the last years it has become more and more expensive to meet my required about of points monthly. As a preferred customer you need to buy a certain amount of goods each month.

The points kept shrinking, so I had to buy more and spend more. I was thinking that they were having trouble making money, and I didn't want to have Melaleuca to fold, so I kept on paying more. Then I discovered that their president had been able to afford to give money to several Republican candidates, about a million dollars! My question is this: If he can afford to do that, why should I have to pay more for my products every month?

Not to mention that I do not support the Republican party.

So that's my beef and I quit the company. It hasn't been hard to find products that are equal to Melaleuca and I'm spending a lot less money.

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hello,i read your comments and i like to know what products are you using now,thank's


I recently quit Melaleuca too. I would have quit sooner had I known about the Republican donations. The self-congratulatory promotional material was what really pushed me over the edge, and the fact that I found much better products for less, without all the product point requirements and hard of hearing customer service.


Wow, Gina. Again you show your ignorance.

Melaleuca is not a new business. It has been around 26 years. Melaleuca does have links to other major sites that function the same way as Amway does. Your products do not have the science nor patents to back them up that Melaleuca's do.

You are ill informed again that there is a monthly fee, there is a yearly fee. Melaleuca does give free products to their customers starting in the FIRST month. After the six months customers earn back 10-15% of their order. And wait for it .

. . Melaleuca is not a MLM. Most customers are not sellers.

In other words, you don't have to buy in to begin to be able to pay for the goods. Amway has over 80% of their customers selling (because they need to cover their costs) where only 12% of Melaleuca's customers participate in the business as well.

Please try to get your facts straight next time and not just blow smoke .

. .


Oh my gosh I can not believe a AMWAY rep is on here saying what is being said.

Did you know that Melaleuca has never raised its prices in years that I know of.

Well you sure look like a fool, we connect as customers to over 650 retailers and yes we receive free products too. WOW what rock did you crawl out from under. We have telecom service too! Well if you want to get down to dollars and cents I would be happy to do so with you and your AMWAY products. But here is the deal you have to be a distributor of products and supply a downline, or buy up to keep your position with volume. Oh and you have breakaways too, so if someone out produces you, you get cut off from those commissions. Keep on with your bad self. Your are a ***!!! So here is one comparison for you~

Legacy of Clean™ SA8® Triple Liquid 3X Concentrated Laundry Detergent - Floral Scent for 100 loads 28.75

Melapower 6X concentrate which we have a patent on btw 96 loads 16.99. Get out of here and get crack out of your pipe!

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Legacy of Cleanâ„¢ Kitchen All-Purpose Cleaner

32 fl. oz./946 mL $4.70 for one bottle

Tough & Tender

Tough & Tender® All-Purpose Cleaner

Size: 16 fl oz 5.69 of concentrate that makes 6 bottles of cleaner.

Shall I go on? I will go toe to toe any time.


Way to go! Sacrifice your health and the health of your family over some supposed political donation?

I don't supose it has ever crossed your mind that most major corporate executives donate money to BOTH political parties! And with the economy of the this country being flushed down the toilet by both the President and the Democrats, most companies, whether they be selling tires or food at your local grocery store, are being forced to raise prices in order to keep their doors open. If you have a bias against Melaleuca products, fine.

Just please try and come up with a more reasoned argument than the same old Liberal "they donated to the Republicans" mantra. If I found a great product that did what it claimed it would do, and cost me less money, I'd buy it, and frankly, I wouldn't care if the CEO was a Democrat, Republican or even a Martian!


Just want to let both of u guys know that Melaleuca might have good products, but they have not been around and have given more as we have. Hello!

And thank you for reading this! My name is Gina Tsirikos and I am a rep of the company Amway. Here at Amway we already have more than a decade of success with our natural, organic, and safe products and lately we have linked our customers to other major sites like Sears, Verizon, T-Mobile, Pac-n-Sun and others to give them more savings. And all u have to do is just mention that you are an Amway shopper either online or in the store!!

We have more products than Melaleuca does and we are expanding every time. You do not need to pay a membership fee every month like them just once and just shop every month online to rack up your points. You can also use your products to do demos to anybody you know and on top of that after 6 months you get our products free once you sign up!! Can Melaleuca do that?

Plus our company pays you back each time after the 6 months! Just visit at Amway.com/JorgePucheta to find out more and sign up to make money to be financially free for you and your family!


You have got to be the biggest *** this side of Mars. First, pay attention around you, just about every business raises prices over time. But that's not the *** part - I haven't seen Melaleuca raise the cost of a single product in the past 12 months. So not only are you lying, but you're doing a very bad job of it.

Second: You're mad that a company would give to a good cause?

Third: You're wording looks identical to other complaint posts on here. Why don't you just move on with your life. Everyone on here knows you work for a competitor and just continue to try to cause problems. Grow up, get an education, and move on with your life. You'll be a lot happier.

As for me, I shop at several places. I don't buy everything from Melaleuca, but I'm delighted with the things I have tried. And happy to be paying the same prices I've paid for the year I've been with them! :)

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