Oregon City, Oregon

The biggest scam I have ever seen! I decided i didnt want to do it because $60 minimum a month thats another *** bill that i cant afford.

So i quit in february told them i was done. March rolls around and they send out a back up order normally they are about $50 nope they CHOSE for me whatever they wanted and charged my card $110 @$%&*%# dollars!!!! So i call and ask what i can do about this and they tell me when i recieve the box open it and put a note inside stating i want a refund so i do that and come to find out if you open the box you are responsible to pay for return shipping!!!!

Do not let these people scam you DO NOT open the box juat send it back melaleuca is a joke! Do not fall for it!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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It sounds to me like you blindly signed your agreement when you should have read it all the way through. It is very easy to cancel and you would have seen that it needs to be in writing.

It is very easy to make a return and you would have known that you are responsible for return shipping if you would have read your agreement.

It sounds like someone didn't do their homework. :)


Even if you don't open the box and refuse it you are still charged the shipping. I called them and told them to cancel my order (it had not shipped yet) they refused and told me I had to wait until it shipped and then send it back.

My account was charged for the shipping both ways. These people are incredible, I told the person on the phone and the person who signed me up DO NOT AUTO SHIP anything to me, but they did anyway and then put you through a bunch of *** to cancel, much easier to sign up than to cancel, and there is no way to delete your card information once they have it, the delete button is greyed out. I told them I wanted a check and the person on the phone was so rude and said it's going back on your card, I told her the card is no longer valid.. lol she told me to call my bank and tell them a credit it coming (yeah fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me), I told her what part of that card is no longer valid don't you understand and I am not giving you another card, so I am going to see if I get a check or not.

It might not do any good but I did file a complaint with BBB because I clearly told them I don't want anything auto shipped.

I guarantee you that there is no recording or it's been wiped out.. these people are unethical.


Its so funny how people who do not understand things, put *** reviews such as this. Ive been a customer for 3 years and im a single mom.

Its not anither bill, it replaces the products you currently buy and its healthier. The real scam is you going ro walmart and target and buying that bull *** for you kids.


That how mlm companies are



the company has been around for over 27yrs. and going very strong.

they carry non-toxic household products as opposed to shopping at your local grocery store. instead of using toxic detergent to do your laundry, here at melaleuca gives the consumer alternative to use a clean non-toxic products.

we have been melaleuca customer for nearly 6yrs. they only carry products that are good for you.


This review is an out an out lie. There is more to the story than this reviewer is saying.

Melaleuca would never tell you to open the box and put a note inside saying you don't want it just so you have to pay for return shipping. No back up order would ever have been sent and be charged $110 unless the member set it up that way.

Why not tell the truth about what really happened instead of running a good company name down on half truths and lies.


I have had multilevel marketing companies do the same create an order I didn't approve then chare me and send charge for shipping then charge for return shipping!crazy