Linton, Indiana

I liked the products, but should not be obligated to buy every month. If the product is good it should make a profit without that nonsense.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I think they have an awesome system if their goal is to help people make money. If I signed up 5 people and those 5 people decided to be the ones to only buy here and there and just get a few little things, all my hard work would seem useless and for not much of a pay check.

But if you really think of this Melaleuca as a job and opportunity then you don't mind so much that you help support the company by buying from them a certain amount each month. I already make back and more what I spend monthly. Totally makes it worth it. You get back the amount of money that you work for.

Because you have to buy a certain amount each month it guarantees the people who signed you up a steady paycheck.

And the same goes for you if you work hard too :) I'm a Melaleuca member and love it!


You are able to put anything on hold. If you do not need it one month (ex: have product still or going to be away for vacation) then you are not obligated to order it that month.

Just email or call someone at Melaleuca a month or so ahead of time. All good!!!

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