Burlington, New Jersey
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I just wanna know if these products are safe for children

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How sale around union nj..tks..contact me please


They are completely child safe! All of the cleaners come without child safety caps.

Any other questions I would be glad to help. Cmmiller76@att.net


Yes they are! They have many specific child care products and no safety caps on any cleaning products because they are all natural and contain no chemicals !


yes these products are the best for the hole family. I can help you with more information if you like. contact me at marisolcare@gmail.com


Yes a majority of melaleuca products are child and pet friendly. I love the product line...

saves time and money while providing a high quality eco friendly product.

Is there a specific product you were concerned about? if you have any other questions feel free to email me Ratherbeeatthebeach@yahoo.com

:) Beth


Very safe!!! NONE of the cleaners have childproof lids because there is nothing in them that can harm a child.

This is a top rated company that I highly recommend. I've been using the products for 15 years, first when my kids lived at home and now they have their own homes with their own kids and use them there as well.