Bloomingdale, Florida

Most dishonest company. The only company O know that refuse to give refund for products they did not send "you have a voucher" they said.

They kept charging my credit card for stuff I dont want and they did not send. stay away from that company!!

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Rubbish ... customer services are very helpful even when a customer is cancelling.

This review probably written by a competitor company. Though there are some things i would like amended most are fair.

This is a good company with great products at reasonable prices with a make money opportunity built in. What's not to like?


I have been with Melaleuca 20 years. I always got a product replacement if one is damaged or credit even before I sent back an item which rarely happens.

If you get products shipped automatically then you had an ambitious director who signed you up as a preferred customer... All you have to do is call the toll free number and tell them you want to only order as needed.


If you didn't want to be charged for products you did't want you simply needed to cancel your membership.


They have 60 day refund on all products and 90 day on vitamins. Maybe u got a copy cat company.

Plus if u sign up as a member you agree to an automatic back up order. You can also change your mind at anytime.

I even get refunds on my backup orders. I've no problem s with this company


You didn't want it and they didn't send it to you? LOL that sucks

Hard to believe that a company that has been around for 29 years with over 800,000 happy customers that shop online with them every single month is 'the most dishonest company' - seems like with over 1 billion dollars in sales just last year they are doing something right to me.


I agree! She or he needs to find out the address it is being sent to - maybe someone else s getting the products!

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