Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A relative talked my family into joining and signed us up for $300 worth of goods.

My husband and I are unhappy with at least 80% of the products. Most smell horrible and don't work nearly as well comparable store-bought products.

The cleaning products are a joke. They do a horrible job of 'cleaning.' I don't want to use the lotion or hair products because they smell putrid. The hair conditioner which claims 'detangling' left my hair in knots, which is never a problem with cheap, drug store conditioner.

While these products may be more environmentally and family-friendly, they are no bargain, they're ineffective, and most smell disgusting. Big thumbs down. What a rip off!!!!

Monetary Loss: $350.

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Not everyone will agree and that's okay that's what makes America great! free enterprise so we can choose what's better for our family and for ourselves, For me personally I like to know the company behind the products I purchase for my kids because in the long run we all find out in the end..

If we made the right choice.

Someone told me a long time ago "Never go cheap on yourself and your family" Melaleuca gives Value and peace of mind for me and my family and that's all we need to know at the end of the day... just saying .


I was "cornered" into going to an "essential oils" demonstration...It was sooo boring, and I am convincd it is nothing more than snake oil. They filled the room with an aroma that smelled just like Ben ***, and I could not stay.

The smell from that garbage burned my eyes the rest of the night, and I have also read on the Internet that they are indeed a scam and a pyramid scam like Amway. I just hope my aunt didnt give them any of her money.

I think I will stick to taking pills from a real doctor instead! BTW, the founder of the essential oils scam has been in and out of court for fraud for practicing medicine w/o a lisence.


The only products worthwhile made by Melaleuca are Melabrite (for clothes) which is grossely overpriced, the Titanium bath bar, which they stupidly discontinued and the Platinum bath bar which is grossely overpriced. The rest of their products are poor to mediocre, at best.


If you look on the bottle labels of Melaluca's products they contain harsh chemicals...something they "pride" themselves as not having. I discontinued use of Melaluca and will not go back to that company.


I recently tried some of the products and felt they worked just as well as the store brands. I do know you must follow the direction carefully.

These are concentrated products. The toothpaste is great and so is the laundry detergent.



A better solution


:) :grin ;) 8) :p :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :x :( :( :( :( melalecucca mele keliki maka



i love mellalecucca! :eek


oops forgive my typos in my previous post.


Candace - That is esactly why I never used the products, I signed up placed an order (listening to a friend who said things like "all Natural" and "Organic") got the products and looked at the bottle and cancelled my membership. They conatined things I do not want my family exposed to.

Yep it is all on the bottle all people have to do is read the back.

I never tried the cleaners but am starting to hear that they do not release MSDS sheets for anything other than SolUMel, I hope this is not true, companies claiming to be green should be releasing this information, otherwise it leads me to believe they contain caustic chemicals as well. How do you know for sure they do not without the ingredient list, but as I said I personally have no experience with thier cleaners just the body products that contained things I do wany my children exposed to.


Melaleuca body products are not natural. They contain toxic synthetic chemicals and claim that the products are natural!

Look up the ingredients to the body washes or lotions etc for Melaleuca.

Do your research & study what the chemicals are. Get Educated People!


You people are terribly rude to someone who simply shared their comments...She weren't offensive to you and you shouldn't be offensive to her. It's called common courtesy people!


Biz – I am sorry that you have a very closed mind, and are way off base here. Let me clear up some of your misunderstanding for you.

1)Tea Tree oil does have a scent that not everyone likes, just because a person is into natural products does not mean they have to enjoy the smell of Tea Tree oil. I personally don't mind the smell but do know others who can not stand the smell.

2)Yes there are cheaper green options, homemade cleaners, you bet, are cheaper, better for the environment, and take minutes to make, seriously. Obviously you have never tried this method, if you had you would enjoy the difference you are making for the earth, not using petroleum based products.

3)Apparently you have not looked down the cleaning isle lately or you live in the boon docks, because, I have to laugh at your response, there are so many non toxic green cleaners, that are not “store brand” full of caustic chemicals. Not sure where your false misleading information is coming from (and I am not talking about these big companies that are “green washing” and are not green at all, who really thinks greenworks is better for the environment??).

4)There are many products for cleaning, that are green, that are cheaper and that are also concentrated products.

5)Yep I tried Melaleuca's Tub and Tile did not work any better than my homemade cleaner, it took almost the same amount of time to pour the liquid and water into the spray bottle as it does for me to make my cleaner, and my cleaner runs about 10 cents a bottle rather than the $1 a bottle tube and tile runs, oh and much less waste.

I encourage everyone to make greener choices, if Melaleuca is not their fit there are so many options out there that are, yes, less expensive, less waste on the environment, and will not fill homes with caustic chemicals or petroleum. You Biz are just a very mean person, shame on you. The point you were trying to make was lost in your immature reaction, please research and think before you speak. I do not see you encouraging this person to continue any sort of green journey, just because Melaleuca did not work for them. It seems as though you are getting paid to say good things about Melaleuca, I am just a person who cares about the environment, who enjoys making homemade cleaners, and if someone does not like a cleaning recipe or product I like that's OK with me, my kids are healthy, breath clean air, we use certified organic body products, make our own deodorant, cloth diaper, spend time together and enjoy a very healthy life, and we want to spread our good findings and we do not make money, they only thing we get from helping someone make greener choices is to feel good about ourselves. And hopefully companies will start to see trends of people going away from caustic products and maybe they will make a change for the better.

As I said to the original author do not give up on being green just because Melaleuca did not work out there are so many choices to save the planet and to make your home a healthy green home!!!


dear delusional dawn,

Tea tree oil's smell is offensive? Trust me, the people who actually are into natural products do not mind the smell of tee tree oil at all. Id rather smell tee tree oil, which has 100s of health benefits, in my products, compared to nasty ammonia and such.

Let me guess what rebuttal... Oh but there are cheaper options, and homemade cleaners. Yeah thats great, first of all, cheaper store brands? Unless your talking about the cheap nasty $1 stores brands, your wrong, Plus melaleuca saves PLASTIC! hello! Their products are concentrated so they use up to 6 x less plastic! don't you care about that?? Or are you just soooo stuck on your ways against this company? Ok so sure stick with other brands and continue to waste plastic, more pollution great idea! and 2 who has the time to sit around n make house hold cleaning products? Seriously who is paying you to come on here and type these ridiculous comments? bla bla...I find this to be halarious the statements that are made by people who probably have never even tried the products themselves. Because If you have, you would not be thinking this way.

You want to come back go ahead, I'd love to hear it, but as you can see, me and the many others on here speak the truth! Because we actually use the products and they work great! and guess what? Truth always comes out in the end. So stop complaining, find something better to do, and someone else to pick on.


You are the only person out of dozens who feels this way. I use these products because they are effective and smell great, unlike many store brand so-called green.

I'm not even in the business but I buy them because of how safe they are for my family and the planet. The products are great!!


bizgirl - There are plenty of other options that cost less and are non toxic, and yes some people are very sensitive to smells and the Tea Tree oil can be offensive to some people. The writer makes no claims that they are going to be using toxic chemicals in thier home, they could be possibly making thier own cleaning supplies or purchasing from another non toxic company. Product pricing for non toxic cleaners green have gone down.

I say good for this author for trying to go greener, please don't give up there are so many options out there from making your own cleaners to finding ones that are non toxic on grocery store shelves, you can find a non toxic environmentally friendly product that wont break the bank and will work for you, Melaleuca is not the answer for everyone.


They do not smell awful. If you'd rather breath in ammonia then go ahead.

Why are you sniffing cleaning products anyway? Were you sniffing glue by accident? Because the only thing that is awful is your delusional mindset.

and btw, I have long, healthy hair down down to my lower back, so if anyone can judge if detangler works it's me, and guess what.... IT WORKS:)


it seems to me that you are just trying to bad mouth Melaleuca to push your own agenda either products work or they don't. They work at my house and for thousands of other households around the world I wonder why they don't work for you, sorry about that if it's true but sounds a little suspect! :roll


I have been using melaleuca cleaning products for 7 months now. I LOVE the cleaning products, some do have a bit of a strong scent but it dissapates after a few minutes.


As far as hair and body care, I love to use Safe Mama as a resource. Go to her website (safe mama . com) and type in Skin Care Cheat Sheet, and you'll find a list of greener body and hair solutions.

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