Lawton, Oklahoma
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Poor services while assisting my husband on setting up the window sensors. Adam Bloxham kept asking my husband to call back and never provided us with a direct line to him.

We had to keep going through the monitoring center to them to pass the message on to someone and the message was not going directly to Adam. Attempt to email him back and he never responded.

Poor poor service and very dissatisfied customer. Never seen anything like this before.

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Obviously you had a problem with the security team. I installed my system and it was so easy a two year old could do it.

I talked directly to the security should've had their number and not calling customer service all the time. When you signed up for the security system you should've gotten their number then. Don't know why you weren't supplied with it.

BUT again, don't blame Melaleuca for the security team. They are a different subsidiary of the company.


I think this is for a different company. Melaleuca doesn't have window sensors, or a monitoring center.


Actually, I just came from attending an introductory meeting and it was mentioned that they have a home security alarm and monitoring service.


Melaleuca security, but it is with a different company and there fore requires one to have their number. You can get it by calling customer service, but customer service cannot and will not help you setting up your system because they have no knowledge .

You should talk to Mela home security. Entirely separate number. Setting up the system is easy. I did it myself and even installed the hi=power board as the std.

mother board in the monitor wasn't strong enough to reach me, where I am. Melaleuca Security 's number is 1-800-435-5646.

Mela home office is 1-800-282-3000. DIFFERENT.