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With all the research I have done regarding Melaleuca, it all boils down to one thing... when someone is unhappy with a product or service, they want a refund.

That is all. Everyone is entitled to their opinions about the products whether they like them or not. It's not for everybody thats for sure... In my situation, it was miscommunication and I regret not asking more questions regarding my membership with Melaleuca.

My whole issue was not being aware of the "backup order" deal. I was not financially prepared to have $70 taken out of my account. With me being newly unemployed and only being a one income household, we do not have $70 just laying around. So when I called Melaleuca to inform them of the miscommunication and requesting a refund, thats when the fun began.

I am not here to bash the company's products nor am I hear to stand on a soap box, I am here to make sure that I get treated with the respect that I deserve and to get every dime that had been drafted from my account back. I do not care for Melaleuca reps trying to sell me on the products nor try and tell me how close I am to financial freedom... not everyone has the personalities to try and convince other people to try products they do not care (me being one of them). I will not push or promote a product I do not like.

My issue is the fact that I just want my money back for 3 charges worth $200.52. To me and my household, thats 2 weeks worth of groceries and diapers for my son. That's gas money, a light bill or a car insurance payment. I WANT MY MONEY BACK.

I ordered once just to try and did not plan for 3 xtra charges to my CC. The customer service rep treated me like it was my fault for not reading the fine print and since I did not read it before I signed, my punishment would me having to pay for shipping, so instead of getting my FULL REFUND, I will have shipping deducted from that, so instead of getting back $200.52, I will only get back $133.86... so they are keeping about $70 devoted to shipping? Customer service was not understand nor did they do anything to smooth this over.

I feel like they did not care if I was happy or not. Isn't customer service about providing a service to the customer and not a disservice? I felt like it was all about pointing fingers to the one who did not read her contract. I am upset and all I want is my money back?

How hard is that? I have made sure that someone will hear my voice in this matter.

I have contacted the BBB, Ripoff Report and other various consumer complaint websites. I will make sure everyone knows how unethical their return policy and how they treat upset customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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R.T.F.P(Read The *** Print)!!! I have been buying and using Melaleuca products for years...and yes, they are pricey!!!

If anyone was misled or "lied" to by a Melaleuca Rep...then the rep should be "***-slapped" and fired (and yes, the company will pull your ticket for misrepresentation). If your grocery bill is higher each month then it used to be...then you are still buying your old brand in addition to the Melaleuca products (DUH!!!). If you are ever dissatisfied with any product...even if you have been using it for years...send it back for a full refund (product price only... UPS delivers the stuff...not Melaleuca).

If you look at the successful company reps...and read their stories...they were pretty much all into MLM schemes early in their careers...and yes...the company functions "SOMEWHAT LIKE" an MLM...but you might try looking up how MLM's work on your computer sometimes...interesting reading.

Last, but not least...if you were "talked" into signing up for Melaleuca as a business...and had a bad experience...if you are really honest with yourself...you have never taken a business course in your life...or you couldn't figure out that you can talk with anyone in the business to get a dufferent point of view. No, by the way...I am not in the busness...


Hey well maybe next time you get into a company that you know you have to buy a certain amount of points with, you don't sign up. Especially if you are broke living on welfare and unemployment checks.

You're useless. These posts just make you look bad and look like an ***.


After doing business for a year, I am cancelling my agreement with Melaleuca. Is it a scam?

No. Is it a ripoff? Yes. The products are SUPER expensive.

Ridiculously expensive, actually. On top of that, you have to pay for shipping. And I find their "natural" claim to be quite dubious. Compare their stuff with other more well known legitimate natural products.

There are definitely "Mela trolls" lurking on the internet, who do nothing but praise Melaleuca and slam critics so they can make more money. You guys freak me out... you kind of seem like a cult...

Oh and Pilar, I knew ahead of time about their practice of sending the backup orders. It's BS and another reason it's a ripoff.

If their products are so great, why can't they stand on their own? Why have the automatic backup orders?

Why rely on customers forgetting to order? Gee maybe because their operation is a RIPOFF?!


Dear JasminSheree:

You obviously did not learn your lesson because it should not be to stay away from "Mela trolls".

It should be to make educated decisions BEFORE and NOT after you give your credit card info.


Dear Oh puh-leez:

With regards to yur comment "Do your research and you will know that the backup orders are automatically generated. You do not place the order yourself you half-wit."

Yes..backup orders are automatically generated only and if you orget to shop BUT YOU CAN SELELCT WHAT PRODUCTS ARE SENT TO YOU! you just customize your backup order so that if you forget to shop you get the products you wanted.

Let me ask you a question. If you have a $100, $1000 or $10,000 commsission check based on your monthly membership, would you forget to shop?


FOR ALL YOU NON-MELA people who hate on ppl who do not care for Mela-- You guys act like you know what I went thru and know what my situation was first hand. FYI- I did own up to my mistake and it seems like Mela has owned up to theirs.

I just rec'd and email saying I will get a full refund on my balance! Needless to say I am pretty please with the outcome! Just to clarify for all u nay-sayers, I never rec'd any of the shipments except for one-which is the one I refused. And NO I didn't miss out on $7 for shipping; more like $19.96 for refusing a shipment I never ordered.

I have totally learned my lesson and will stay far away from you Mela trolls. :p :p :p :p


What it boils down to is people needing to own up for what they decide to do. You got 3 back orders because you failed to read what you were signing up for.

You need to own up to your lack of reading what you are signing. You are the one that gave your cc info, your address, info and you are the one that after the first charge for the back up order didn't look into it on how to make sure it would not happen again. It is so easy to just blame whay YOU do on someone else.

Own up to what you did and quit whining about it!!! Be responsible for your actions!!!

Read what you are signing especially if YOU are giving your cc info ... That is common sense...


I could understand the miscommunication ended up with her receiving 1 back-up order, but not three, especially if money is that tight. She had to initial that she understood the back-up order, should not initial something you do not understand, Melaleuca makes it real clear throught the overview, if you don't pay attention there, then it is repeated again on the enrollment form, last but not least, when you did not order and got the back-up order, everything could have been cancelled then, returned and missed out on maybe $7 in shipping.

I agree with other comments that the complaint doesn't sound like someone that really wanted to try anything.

Melaleuca is an. Awesome company with a great corporate staff, fabulous products and a great way to earn extra income.


Dude really, I have to give you points for that one! LOL.

Personal agenda, not so much.

I just don't understand. We have been a customer for years and feel their customer service is great......Oh well, mom is calling me for dinner!


Dude, I really think ur not getting the point. She was not aware of the auto replenish aspect hence the part where she says miscommunication.

What are u doin on this site if all ur going to do is try and push your personal agendas on people. This sight is for a consumer who felt they were duped In some way...

Do you just come on this sight so you can talk *** from behind your computer screen from your mothers house? Go read a Twilight book.


Miscommunication eh! That's why the post starts with "all the research!" If it was that well researched, why would you continue to receive back up orders.

I know full well how back up orders are generated and I suspect the person making the post does as well. If you want the discount, loyalty cuts both ways, you agree to purchase a minimum amount every month and they give you 40% off of retail.

If not, your back order is generated. If you wanted the products why would you not "order" what you wanted or needed instead of waiting for a back up, that you don't try for three months.


What's odd to me is that you failed to READ what she wrote explaining the MISCOMMUNICATION, all she wanted was her money back, and how do you know she being untruthful? Seems like you are the one with lack of common sense.

Do your research and you will know that the backup orders are automatically generated. You do not place the order yourself you half-wit.

It seems to me she was unaware of what signing up with Mela was all about. Her rep was the one to blame for not thoroughly explaining the details to her.


This seems very odd. You want to try the products, but do not place an order and get not one, but three back up orders in a row, over a span of three months.

Wow, you REALLY wanted to try it eh. You obviously wanted it bad enough that you wanted to be a preferred customer and receive the additional discounts. Never tried the products as you are sending them all back. Any person reviewing this would have to have enough common sense to see that you are not being 100 percent truthful about your experience with Melaleuca.

It is a great company, that is all about customer service, but people like yourself want to complicate such a simple concept. FYI, you failed to mention that the company offered you over 70 dollars in free product in those three months you were a customer!

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