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I am sure there are some good benefits to using Melaleuca, but the good didn't out way the bad in my situation. First off, I do not spend $50-$75 a month on personal and cleaning products. They wanted me to commit to an amount like that and it was not feasible for me to do. Second, I am not a chemist and yes, I will admit that I do not know about chemicals put in a product, I only know from research on the internet. I also know that a REP can not sell Melaleuca and say that it relieved all of there families allergies. When anything you put on or in your body can cause an allergy, whether it is organic or natural or not. I also do not think it is right that if a customer of Melaleuca can't order products on a monthly basis that they are charging your credit card and sending you products anyway. Are you going to tell me that they don't have enough revenue coming in that they have to do this. I mean come on. Well I just wanted to clear some things up. This is my blog and my opinion and I am grateful for the replies and opinions of others. Thank you!!

I have also recently signed up with a company that I love. If you are looking to use natural products and make a business out of it, Check out my website and click on the link on the main page for free information.

Thank you again!


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How is "color me green" working out?


I do not know who enrolled you, but they should have told you that you have until the last day of the month to let the company know if you want to shop or not. Here is how it goes.

You have the option to 1. shop and get the products you need for your hope (not just cleaning supplies but much much more)

2. You can put your account on hold if you do not want to shop for that month and reactivate it when you are ready to shop again. As long as you do it by the last day of the month.


Cancel your membership as long as you do it by the last day of the month.


Let them send you the order you choose, and it will be billed to your account as you should have been instructed when you enrolled.

You have 4 options Melaleuca will not force you to buy anything. If you are billed unwilling it is because you did not do as instructed in the agreement that you signed.


Almost every "complaint" about Melaleuca is a person trying to promote their own business (such is the case here), someone in another company completely lying about what they are saying (again, trying to make their company look better), or a person who tricked Melaleuca by signing up saying they wanted to buy products and then got mad when Melaleuca kept up their end of the deal and sent them a back up order WHICH they wouldn't have gotten had they ordered like they said they were going to do when they signed up.

The other "complaint" is from folks who are believing Internet folklore and hype about ingredients. You can find a web site posted by just about anyone claiming just about anything is bad or harmful. Most people consider "research" doing a google search which is laughable. True research about product ingredients takes time, manpower and scientific testing. These are the things Melaleuca does and has done for 26 years now. I know you can find some sites that claim this ingredient is bad or that on is harmful.. but a website is not scientific proof.

Take away the four types of "complaints" I just listed and you have almost no complaints at all anywhere online about Melaleuca.


I LOVE Melaleuca! I have been using their products for 8 years.

I make a nice check every month because I shop with them, and tell my friends. That's it!!

If anyone wants to know more about how to buy better quality products and earn a living at the same time you can contact me at I will tell you the TRUTH about Melaleuca :)


I always find it amazing how when I read something bad about Melaleuca if you read long enough. YOu will find at the end it is always someone promoting their own business.

Whether its Amway or some other. They always point out the things they don't understand.

FACT IF YOU CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP BY THE 25TH YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A BACKUP ORDER. If you want to put your membership on hold of a month and come back in as long as you let the company know by the 25th of the month you will not receive a back up order.

Please tell the truth when you talk about a company that has helped so many people. Not only with their health and finances. But the flood Orphan's that Melaleuca sponsors in other countries. And all the good work that the Melaleuca family does all over the world for people in despair.

Mr Vanderslooth giving money to schools for playground equipment that they can't afford. The CEO of Melaleua does more for people that anyone knows because he doen't like the spot light. You would be amazed at the things this company has done. So always have your fact straight before you make a statement that is untrue.

Esp if it is going to benefit you. :roll


I have been with Melaleuca for almost 3 yrs. I have personally been in the Melaleuca store in Knoxville, TN.

I love shopping there. I can try samples, smell products, get in store specials.I use the products. I can make money by inviting my friends to join. With that said, my friends ask what products I use, how do I get the clothes so clean?

I just say Melaleuca, I haven't used anything else since I have joined. If you don't like the products you can call the company, or send the products back, no problem. You can cancelle your membership by the 25th of the month, no problem, write them a letter saying you want to cancelle. Melaleuca is a wonderful company, with fantasic products.

So, if you don't like the products or the company, quit, it's just that simple. Melaleuca is not a get rich company, or a scam.

It takes hard work to build a Melaleuca Business, but it's worth it. :)


I found this page after doing a search on Melaleuca not being natural. The business model is not the problem with me, but what they are claiming that is false.

These products are not natural, and they contain the same harmful ingredients that are in store products.

This is an untrustworthy company to claim such things and to find out their products are anything but natural.

Do yourself a favor and do some health research on the ingredients like Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Flouride,and magnesium Stearate (in the vitamins).


This is a plug for a scam company.. Has anyone check out the site?

It has nothing about the actual products it is just promising $$. Which I am more skeptical of than a presentation that focuses on products and ingredients and offers more information about the business if you are interested.

I am more reluctant of a company that tries to get personal information right off the bat before ever sharing about the products. No thanks.


I think the minimum 35 point order is in place to keep all of our prices affordable! Do the math, they honestly aren't more, lets say per load than a lot of store brands even out there! You can even have friends/family help you order your minimum!


I agree, I love the melaleuca products. It is a shame that people would cut them down to promote their own business.The products are wonderful.You could have just been a customer & ordered the products you wanted before the backup order was sent out,not their fault that you were a day late.

If people were not into it as a business aspect they should not have signed up that way.

So, don't get mad at the company & bash them for your mistakes.It doesn't matter what this pissed website says check out all their awards & BBB and other resources. This website should be called pissed at the world and all the other businesses.You can't believe everything you read, check out the cover of magazines and recognition awards.


I am no longer with Melaleuca and I am sorry I'm not. I love the products and it was always easy for me to get to 75 points as a director because of teh vitamins.

I also think it was good to have the automatic order if I did get busy and forget to order one month. If you set up your auto order then it sends just the products you use all of the time like I always used the vitamins.


If you want to use the products again I can re enroll you for 1$ if you talk to me before the 14th email me at


Isn't this what this website about, It is called Pissed consumer, not happy consumer. I am stating my opinion and also stating that I found another business that I love.

I did not like Melaleuca and there are obvious reasons why I didn't. I think a lot of people out there don't agree with the fact that you have to order a set amount of product points a month and then God forbid if you don't order at all, they have to send you an order.

You can't tell me that Melaleuca isn't making money as a company that they have to send out automatic orders and charge peoples credit cards. NOT WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR IN A BUSINESS, AT ALL!!!!!!!!


You promote yourself by putting a company down with lies and half truth statements and then try to redeem yourself by promoting another company that you can make money from??? ... wow I'm sure you have lots of people lining up to follow you =/


It's a shame to put down a legitimate business to promote your own!!!


It's just my husband & I and it is easy, with the great vitamins & supplements and cleaning products, not to mention the candles and the body & bath products to not spend 75 product points a month...but I'm also doing this full-time as a business on top of my own business and I have Fibromyalgia - I could NOT do what I do day in and day out without the Vitality for Life vitamins...


The rep should have told you that you can order products for full price without the monthly commitment. It's just a LOT more expensive that way. if you only buy one or two products a month and are willing to pay more than ask about buying as a direct costumer as opposed to a Preferred customer.


They don't make just cleaning products. And the only reason they charge your card is if you forget to order.

It is meant to be a convenience for the consumer. Sometimes you get so busy that you just don't have time to sit down on the computer and order something. I personally don't see anything wrong with this.

But, I don't see myself not ordering my 35 points worth of product. My laundry detergent and vitamins would cover it!

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