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I know what a monster skin problem is. When my son was 3 months old he developed some kind of monster, freak "rash" on his face, even now I'm not sure what he had. No doctor helped or any remedy worked. When our son was about 5 months old we saw a craft fair MELALEUCA Natural Health booth.

I found out that Melaleuca is the world's possibly largest completely natural health line: natural laundry detergents, make-up, cleaner, toothpaste and more but especially their RENEW Intensive Skin Therapy lotion. They had pictures of a child whose face looked almost as terible as my son's and they showed the child after he'd used Melaleuca RENEW Intensive Skin Therapy lotion and his face and was almost completely better. I never thought the lotion would work as well on my child as it showed it did on the child in the picture but I thought I would try anyway.

Renew lotion looks and smells like just about any other lotion such as Vaseline Intensive Care or St. Ives. Unlike those lotions, though, it not only does a small ammount of short term soothing to exposed skin but actually delivers long-lasting relief from skin so chronically dry it seems impossible be healed. Even when and if you discontinue using RENEW or just use it less the effects still remain.

In my son's case we put the RENEW Lotion on him for a short time -less than a month- and his skin got almost 100% better. That sounds like an exaggeration or blatant lie but it's neither! We battled for SEVERAL agonizing months with his skin literally falling off his face, bleeding and oozing puss and slime but after applying the RENEW Lotion for a very short time our baby went from monster to angel.

Since my son was a baby when I put the RENEW on his face and it fixed it he could not tell me what the experience with RENEW was like. Now though, he's older and sometimes still gets dry spots on his face and body at which point I immediately put the lotion on him. He says it works but it burns which I never totally believed till I tried it for a dry skin spot on my hip. It burned quite a bit so whether there is medication in it or not I am not sure but when you put it on you can tell it's working.

We do not use the RENEW lotion very often anymore because we don't have to but when someone at my house really need something to renew their hands or body I turn to Melaleuca's RENEWing lotion because that is really what it is, renewing, and after using it it could have no other name than that. For brilliant lotion you absolutely cannot beat RENEW Intensive Skin Therapy!

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i had a horrible skin condition brought on by pregnancy and never went away. even prescriptions didn't help.

i borrowed a little renew from a friend.

the scaly, itchy skin is gone and has not returned since i stopped using the lotion. amazing stuff!

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