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Before I start... I want to go back to last month.

Last month with my very first Melaleuca order, I ordered a bottle of PreSpot, melaBright melaPower, Diamond Brite,MelaSoft, and Luminex". Well, when they arrived, 2 of the bottles must have been crushed during shipping because they had leaked! I called Customer Support and told them what happened:. They told me they would send me brand new bottles (i didnt even have to send them back an empty bottle or anything!) They even helped me to place an order for the pumps and sprayers that i forgot to order with my first order!

I asked them what I should do with the bottles that arrived leaking, they said i can either use them, or empty them out and throw them away!. They said it was up to me!. And, get this… I didnt have to pay for the new bottles OR shipping… all I had to pay for were the pumps and spayers! Thats it!Now, back to my original testimony:.

When I got the PreSpot last week, my husband came home that same day and said to me, "Well, hun, looks like you can try the PreSpot now,. I some how got grease on my work pants.." I was so excited I immediately grabbed them, took them to the laundry room, read the directions on the bottle, and went to work! Dont you know… it got most of the grease stain out! If I would do one more application, I'll bet they will be as good as new!

We were both impressed, since grease is rather hard to get out of clothing!Hehe, My husband jokes around with me about Melaleuca now'.

Ive been so excited to use these products, I clean more now than I ever did! HAHAThanks you Melaleuca!

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Customer Care.

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I also love these products. They last so much longer than the average store product.

Their 48 load laundry detergent lasts me almost for 4 months!!! I think everyone should try their products.

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