Idaho Falls, Idaho
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I'm in the Acworth/Kennesaw GA area. We just became customers. We are on a tight budget with one income BUT with all the extra Toxins, in our children foods and products I knew I could make a change with what I bring into my home, that's my responsibility!

I am a coupon clipper and can purchase products really cheap with the manufactures coupons however I do not feel safe with 5 kids having products in my home that can harm them or using products on counter they eat from. I switched to Method products and was purchasing at least $70 in products from laundry, softener, all purpose cleaner, etc. Now I spend about the same (with my beauty products) it comes to my door, I get to try $20 of free products a month and its all made in my county, and most items are concentrated leaving me very happy!

These things are big for me. So I will continue to use them! They have also helped my childrens allergies, and I don't get dizzy when I clean. Its really a win win!

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