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The products are all great, and I liked everything I tried. I dropped my membership for a few reasons, none of which had anything to do with the quality of the products.

My family is just my husband and me, and after a few months we hadn't used up enough of the products we already had, like the soap, detergents, and toiletries, to need any more. It got to the point where I was ordering lip gloss and other random stuff I didn't really want, just to meet the 35 point minimum. So, while I was certainly impressed with the products, I needed to cancel my membership. I think it would be worth it for a larger family that goes through products every month or two, but not a single person or a couple.

Of course, when I canceled, I got a nice little guilt trip from the guy who convinced me to join, basically saying indirectly that "hardly anyone ever cancels their membership! what's wrong with you? You buy these products anyway!" I was annoyed more by the blatant sales pitches and transparent psychological manipulation that surrounded Melaleuca than anything else. Even down to little things like the "points"...1 point was roughly $2 or $3 of product.

To meet your 35 point quota you have to spend $70 or so at a minimum. It was clearly an attempt to make people think they weren't spending as much as they were.

They and their army put on an act like they are your friends and care so much about your health, but in the end, like any business, all they care about is profit and getting their commission. If you aren't a member, you can still buy the products without any required minimum, but with a catch--you end up paying double or triple the "preferred member" price.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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So sorry you had a bad experience while trying to cancel. It is uncalled for.

Melaleuca is a great company and It is just my husband and I also. At first we didn't use very many products and did suspend for a couple of years. When I ran out of my extras that I had stockpiled, I rejoined. When I did I tried many new products including make up, skin care and supplements.

Now I have a hard time keeping my product points under 100.

Thank you for trying Melaleuca.


If you love healthy organic products please contact me. I am with a company that allows you to keep your wholesale website without having to stay on autoship.

The only reason you need to be on autoship is to earn money. You can text me, Donelle, at (712) 592-9600


I have been a member for 3 years and 35 points a month is nothing.

If you think that 35 points are too many that means that you are still buying products outside the company, is so sad to see how wrong you are, i don't have a big house and my son who lives with me and he is a member, he used between 45 to 60 points.

@*** Lady in Florida

That's great for your son. I'm not your son.

I was writing about my experience. I'm pretty sure you don't know more about my situation or needs than I do, so please keep your comments to yourself.

And of course I'm still buying products outside the company! They don't sell everything!

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