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I have to respond. I do like many of Melaleuca's Products.

There are some that I wish they changed just a few ingredients and it would be perfect. As for so many barking about the monthly purchase or cancelation...2 things... why write a negative review when this is how the company operates. If uou want the preferred customer discount the concept is easy they want a commitment that said preferred customer will do a monthly purchase.

There are many companies or buying clubs that do that. I have even gone to 2 different chiropractic offices that offered discounts if the patient either did the full program of a certain number of visits or had a certain number of cisits each month. Give me a break. If there is one thing I cant stand is false reviews or crybabies who leave out all the info.

You can be a regular customer without a monthly purchase, you just dont get the so called perks. Not that hard to understand so quit with bad reviews on this point. Next, if you follow instructions to cancel your membership, just like many memberships, it will be canceled.

I am starting to think companies in general who are being slandered should start taking action back. It isn't just for this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

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I agree. We've been Melaleuca customers for years and their products are great.

You can have a "pre selected back up list" and they only send the items that you've chosen or you can get a certificate for your monthly payment to use at a later date. Some people are never happy


I totally agree! When you voluntarily enroll-- you are told how the company works.

If you don't like it -- don't enroll! As far as cancellation-- I know of at least 5 people who cancelled with no problem-- you just follow the 2 or 3 verification steps and it's done. I have been impressed with the customer service-- a real person answers and does their best to help you.

When people don't tend to their business and follow the guidelines, they become unhappy and want to blame the company!


Don't you know - It is always someone else's fault - LOL!!!

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