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My son ended up in Hospital after I gave my 16 year old so who has not know allergy to Melaup1000 royal jelly before his meal. Within half an hour he had bronchial spasm causing him acute breathing problem, headache, persistent coughing eventually leads to asthmatic like attack.

He was hospitalized for 3 day!

When I called the company, the gave me all the disclaimer and said that it is not their defectic products it is my son's reaction to allergy. Don't want to claim responsibility but offered more shopping dollars!!

All they do is sweep under the carpet and don't want to admit any responsibility. So much for a company That talks about integrity and committed towards wellness.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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How it is the company's fault that he had an allergic reaction to a product? Read the ingredients before you consume something if you have allergies to food ingredients. If you didn't know of the allergy in the first place, how does that become the company's fault?


What are u talking about? there is no such Melaleuca product!!!


Of course there is. It's a royal jelly drink.


lol if you dont know wtf is this.. pls go research before you post something.

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