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Melaleuca has scam written all over it. Take a look for yourself at

I don't care about their "A+" BBB rating.

I don't care about how much people like their products. I don't care about how many people have said they make a little or a lot of money sharing the products with others and receive a monthly check every month. And I certainly don't care about the 500,000 customers they say they have buying from them every month.

I have done my research. You should do your research too, for yourself.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Customer Care.

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I don’t care what you say. The company is honest ...Products are great.

So just because you didn’t cancel membership the Proper way.

Don’t run them down. You are ONE human out 500,000.00 that has nothing better to do but whine because you didn’t like something or didn’t close account properly..


I LOVE a must for dealing with chronic pain...I had to laugh about this guys post re all the auto-shipped products...i find this hard to believe as it means the buyer was getting charged each month...either he's a wealthy man or an idiot...perhaps both. But the visual effect about the bumper sticker for Herbalife..."MAEGA BUCKS BY selling HERBALIFE flavor of the month PRUNE WHIP frappe mix"...

that car was probably a 73 Gremlin, missing front bumper and coat hangers holding mismatched back bumper...its exhaust pipe hanging by a couple of wires...was a faded hunter green with fake wood side paneling, scratched, faded and dented Green with tons of deep dents, gray primer paint, broken window covered with inserted cardboard covered with a black trash bag that made a horrible noise as it traveled down the streets of East LA...but the old cars backfiring sounded like typical gang shootings, so NO ONE PAID a moments attention to this old car, let alone read the advertisement to make big bucks.

But when the young driver behind the wheel of old Gremlin car stepped out, he was dressed in the wrinkled mismatched business suit he'd picked up at local homeless shelters free giveaway piles of rags....but when he began his sales speel about making big bucks selling Herbalife NOT a MLM up your own "Herbalife Frappe" shop....EVERYONE HIT THE DECK, or took off running. A few gunshots sent shrapnel pinging off the old car when the grandmothers heard what he was telling all.


Uh, let're selling Herbalife and I can prove what i'm saying...and you do know what Herbalife has been proven to be a MLM scam.


This is a Melaleuca forum not an Herbalife forum. If you want to complain about other companies go to a forum specific to them.

No one likes whiners! If you don't like what a given company offers don't buy it.


I have to disagree with you. This company is not a scam like on the websites you are referring to; complain about all businesses.

I'm sure if they knew who you were they would talk bad about you too; not saying you are a bad person it's just the way these sites are. You can't make an accurate assessment of a company based on what people write; sure some people have bad experiences a lot of times they bring it on themselves because they are improperly informed or they someone took advantage of them. That's not the company's fault and it happens everywhere.BTW let me also add Melaleuca is not a pyramid either because typically that's what SCAM web sites say. By definition a pyramid is a fake product that people buy into where only the originators make the money.

This company sells and manufacture genuine high quality products and sells direct to consumer. The people in the business only sign up customers they choose to buy the product and sign up other customers if they choose. The company doesn't advertise thus keeps the cost of the product down.It is the individuals choice to stay with the company or not. They offer excellent customer service and are very friendly.

This company is the real deal. You should care about their BBB rating this is very hard to get a good rating and maintain.I'm more than happy to explain things further to anyone.

I personally love all the products I've tried excellent quality. You can reach me at


I have been a very happy customer/representative of Melaleuca since 1991. The most impressive thing about this company is their Customer First mentality.

Every complaint I have had was handled by gracious operators. Damages products were replaced without having to send the bad ones back. And most importantly, they have given me "time off" when I was out of work...meaning they put my account on hold until I was on my feet again.

It is unfair that they get compared to MLMs like Amway and Tupperware in structure. They are a much much better!


I have been with them for 4 years , there is no scam. Of you have not been a member, how do you even know anything about the company, the products and the business?


Your an ***...provide some substance or proof of such claims


The title gets the people looking for a reason to doubt, which unfortunately is most. It got you to read it with anticipation of negative but all you hear is positive.

Yea for the author!!!!!!! To the scam guy do not speak unless you know the truth.

Happy Melaleuca user in Colorado :grin


Melaleuca has increased in 100% since you write this post, now 1.2 millios purchase this productus every month.


Horatio Alger Award,

The Better Business Bureau - BBB Torch Award

Inc. 500 Hall of Fame

Circle of Humanitarians many more check full list...


My research is my good health and being a customer for years. But you are so smart and Mr know-it-all, thanks for helping everyone to try and stop thinking for themselves and save them from your no-experience no-knowledge information. Maybe you can help NASA with the Rover on Mars since you have all the answers with no actual knowledge.


Melaleuca appears to be a scam.

First off, my own experience with Melaleuca probably does not resemble anyone else’s or the typical story.

I discovered their products in a backward way—I had a roommate who moved out. After he’d left, we noticed these sizable parcels showing up (boxes you might ship a few textbooks in) with Melaleuca on the side (I had thought they said “Metaleuca”). It seems like we received them about once a month, all the boxes identical.

I had early on sent an email to the departed guy—he responded to the email, but ignored my question about the boxes. I didn’t know what they were—figuring they were some kind of shipment of something he had “subscribed to” like vitamins or supplements or something.

The boxes kept coming until we’d amassed six of them under our mail table by the front door and we sent a last email to the guy, saying if he didn’t want them, we’d deal with them ourselves. I think he either didn’t respond or said he didn’t care what happened to them.

So, a couple of the girls tore into the boxes and, sure enough, there were six identical boxes of mostly bath-related products (bar soap, moisturizer, liquid soap, tooth polish, lip balm, etc.). We put them in a common area to let anyone else in the house help themselves.

Based just on the product names and the quality of the packaging, I figured the guy must have been buying them because they were super-cheap. Super-cheap is exactly how the packages seemed and I couldn’t see anything special about the ingredients.

I wound up using a few of the products (lip balm, bar soap, tooth polish, liquid soap)—indeed, they were of modest quality at best. The lip balm is actually fine (though the flavor is weird), but the bar soap was like a 99 Cent store bar of soap—drying my skin the instant it touched. The tooth polish is like a weird foreign toothpaste. I can’t evaluate the quality of the job it was doing from a tooth-cleaning perspective (though it’s labeled Tooth Polish—not paste, which I guess is to cover their butt in case you have expectations of toothpaste), but the experience of using it is pretty ordinary—the flavor isn’t that good (I’ve used two flavors) and not like that of a “healthy” toothpaste, just like they tried to make it like a big corporate toothpaste, but they just weren’t any good at it.

Anyway, after the initial trial, it seems nobody else was particularly taken aback with the quality, either—we still have about a half a drawer full of the various products. The only time I have used them since is when I have run out of toothpaste, and it wasn’t even the first thought that jumped into my head (“I guess I could walk to the store—oh, I bet there’s still some more of that crummy toothpaste in the drawer.”)

There isn’t anything special about even one of the products I tried.

Okay, so that’s on the product side—and remember, I had no idea what the products were supposed to be, nor had I any idea what “Metaleuca” was. Just based on other products I had used (both corporate, and niche “healthy” brands), I formed this opinion.

So, fast forward to a few months ago, I meet this guy who is talking to a woman about their “exciting business opportunities” which is a conversation I usually tune out immediately. I can tell from the tone alone, they’re talking about MLM—oops, I mean “network marketing”. It turns out both of them had been in Herbalife—the guy is saying how that was a scam, but the thing he was doing great.

Then I hear him say “Melaleuca” and I make the connection “Ohhh.. that *** in those boxes they kept shipping to our house. Now it all makes sense.”

This guy is one of those people who now considers himself a “business owner”—he’s got the decal on the back of his car asking if you want to make $4K-10K a month. He acts as though he is making money at this, but it seems pretty clear that he’s not. He repeats the same stuff to people that they must have told him to—about the quality of the products, etc.

I can only hunch based on the guy who used to live at our house and the number of boxes that kept coming, that at least some part of their business model must depend upon people receiving products they don’t want.

It could be one of those “the jury is still out” things, except for one more big red flag for me: if you Google “melaleuca scam”, there are a number of pro-Melaleuca sites masquerading as “objective review” or “here’s the real scoop” and all of them include the phrase “Melaleuca scam” as a search-engine optimization technique to get those sites to appear above other real reviewer sites like this one. And all of those sites read like you’d have to be as naïve as a ten-year-old to take what they say as trustworthy info.


You were not a member , you have no knowledge of the products, or the business and not all products work for all people. It's so ironic that people such as yourself make negative remarks without any education of the company and or its products. 800,000 members some as long as 28 years they must be doing something right.


Fraud, Scam or whatever people say really doesn’t matter. Or maybe, people don't read the “out clause” or terms and conditions before signing their name on the dotted line. It does not matter. Here are the Facts about Melaleuca, they sold over a BILLION DOLLARS worth of products, and people must like their products, right?

Pyramid systems have been outlawed in the US a long time ago and they don’t sell any products. Melaleuca has over 350 products. We are paid just for referring people to Melaleuca and helping them register and that’s it! No inventory control, no billing, no carrying of products. We are paid on immediate commissions with several tiers of bonuses and handsome residual income, how GREAT is that!

They have paid out over 2.8 Billion in commissions to regular people out there in the past 27 yrs. What is really great about Melaleuca is they genuinely want to HELP. This is Very Rare for a corporate identity. Helping people better their health; getting them out of debt; having a good personal life, so too in preserving our environment, is that a BAD goal to have?

This is more than a business for most of us. You would really have to experience Melaleuca, and when you do, you too would have fallen in love with them just it like the more than 850 thousand families that have joined them. Sorry, but it’s hard to find sad story’s telling lies here. What you will find are people’s experiences in how lives have changed because of Melaleuca.

A Successful Melaleuca breeds successful people and it’s not too late to join us. If you want to succeed and willing to work at it and if you think you are coachable, “We Will Help” because Melaleuca wants us to.

We are just starting; more questions, give me a call, Tony 408-771-0296.


Just wondering who this Matt Brown is that wrote the scam page written above? I couldn't find any contact information, credentials, etc. The fact that there is no valuable contact information or reference source for this person makes me believe the site is not a credible source of information.


Could not agree more with jeff...exactly what I was thinking. Anyone who has anything negative to say about Melalueca is a complete LOSER!

An uneducated low-life... It really is pathetic. Get your heads out of your *** and do something with your lives.

This company is as great as it is because it weeds out the GARBAGE !!! Go get a life!!!!!!!


IT SEEMS LIKE ONLY LOSERS,(people who get irritable at the drop of a hat, people who cant carry on a stimulating conversation for more than 30 seconds, and people who generally have a negative outlook on life) are the type that see THE MELALEUCA OPPORTUNITY AS BEING A SCAM. What these loners, old maids, and rejects have in common is they never understood the thing to begin with,and when ONE little thing goes wrong they cry like little babies cause that's how they've acted since they were in diapers and still acting like that today in their 40s, 50s and even at 60 years of age. Pathetic.


I have been with Melaleuca for 13 years. Never been bothered....have made money and not made money.

I simply like the products and have an option of making money if I want to work on any other sales. The good thing about it is you don't HAVE to sell anyone on it if you don't want to.


Question, how many of the fabulous reviews are plants? And is keeping people in the program good for everyone who already is? I'm looking at this pretty closely and it's making me wonder.


I am a real person, George. Most of us are.

Many of us have chemical allergies or reactions to over-the-counter cleaners. Melaleuca provides household products that don't make me break out in a rash every time I clean. My favourite point: the cleaning products don't have Poison Control numbers or Child Warning labels. Guess why.

Purely organic compounds that do NOT harm the body either internally or externally! This means a child could drink the whole bottle of Sol U Mel and not loose his vocal cords or suffer cardiac arrest. They might get a stomach ache, but never fatal, and rarely more than uncomfortable.

Be a smart consumer. Do your homework.

And if you don't like the products, then don't buy them. But please keep your manure on your yard.

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