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Decided to try out the eye makeup remover. Not only did it sting my eyes so much it irritated them so much I had to sit with cold clothes on my eyelids for 10 minutes!!

Multiple people I've talked to has the same problem.

So my question, why the *** make an EYEMAKEUP REMOVER THAT STINGS THE EYES??? Does not make much sense this product is absolute ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Makeup Remover.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Did it sting and leave your eyes bloodshot?? Isn't it your experience that anything that stings like that and then you rub them, would leave your eyes are a mess??

I know they were not.

I've been a professional for 30 years. Undiluted oils, you do not have to be afraid. They can sting, but they will not hurt you! Try peppermint in the eye!


Essential oils are very volatile, they will feel very active, on your skin. On plastic, they usually just melt it away. On your skin, it just feels tingly because it is loosening the dirt and grime around the eye. That why you store EOs in glass not plastic bottles.

Which is why you store them in glass bottles.

I'm a licensed skincare specialist, And I make my own Makeup remover and my clients first reactions is that it stings. But anything that stings will leave your eyes bloodshot.

I would hazard a guess, that they felt clear and clean. These makeup removers with E.O.s help the eyes stay infection free.

I'm glad you were using a good brand of oils. Namaste

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