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This is a pyramid scheme that signs you up with a lot of pressure and claims of customer service. They will HAPPILY sign you up via email or telephone.

However, quitting the program is a nightmare. They do not accept resignations over the telephone or email and they invariably claim not to have received other forms of resignation.

This single fact should keep anyone from signing up for this ridiculous program. They attempt to hold you hostage by taking an additional month's payment as long as they can.

I dont care how much you like the friend or family member who is trying to sign you up, I strongly recommend against it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Customer Care.

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Worst ever !! I felt like I had to sell my first born child to try and leave my membership.

I had my credit card constantly charged as I tried to leave. Who even does letters in writing anymore anyway??

Strongly recommend to stay clear of this.


It took me 2 months and I lost 15.00 trying to stop mine wanna see the proof I got it right here for you just so you know.


I wanted to end my position as a Marketing Executive and customer and I was given a run around. They told me that I had to send a written letter (why?) and then when I did that I found out a month later that I was still signed up. I called again and was told that they never received a letter. When I told them that I had delivery conformation, they claimed UPS must have been mistaken. When I returned the next month's products it took me another two months to get my refund.

In the end it took me three written letters to cancel my position with them, even having delivery confirmation on all of them, and they blamed me for all the errors.

I then later was prepared to sign up for another business, and was told that I can't, because former Melalauca people need to have been separated from Melaleuca for at least a year before we are permitted to join other companies (for fear Melaleuca will sue us and our new company).

So they make it a pain to terminate your position, then they make you wait a year from the date they finally concede and mark you down as terminated.

The real irony is that they then claim to be the moral protectors of the MLM industry. I can only imagine that they bought their way into a good BBB rating, and their position in the US Chamber of Commerce. The US CoC is a private collection of businesses (basically, it's a lobbying group), not a government agency or watchdog organization. The BBB is similar, they rely on company payments to them to survive, not consumer payments, so a company's rating is (check the "Criticism" section of wikipedia) influenced by whether the company is paying the BBB or not. So I agree with betsy, do some due diligence.

I add that some of Melaleuca's products are pretty good. I have nothing against the products, just against the heavy handed way in which they control their Marketing Execs, even though they also make it very clear that we're *not* employees.


Why do you have to send a written letter to stop a shipment? This is the internet age, you should be able to stop the shipment by checking a box.

Very un-green to have to waste paper and stamps for that. They do it only because they don't want you to be able to easily stop a transaction.


In response to Teresa, Melaleuca was awarded the Torch Award by the BBB, which is an award given to top companies displaying the ultimate behavior in ethics. Melaleuca has an "A" rating with the BBB.

They sit on the Board of Directors with the US Chamber of Commerce. If Teresa's statement was a true statement, she could take local action with her bank who would help her. Instead, I suspect that her statement is a false statement, probably made up by some jealous competitor. ADVICE to public: Do you due diligence and do your own homework.

Contact the BBB and the Chamber yourself. You'll get the truth there.


You just have to send in a written letter before a certain day every month so you won't have to order for that month (I think it's by the 14th, but call customer service to make sure). They always stopped immediately and I was never charged beyond that. Sorry you have had problems.


I called Melaleuca to cancel and they told me to put it in writing and it had to be recieved before the 25th. I did, and had no problem I sent my notice 10 days before the 25th and my account was closed.

I thought that my letter of cancelation wasn't going to be recieved in time but it was. I had no problem.

My account was not charged. I hope to return as a customer as soon as I'm able.


it is very straight forward to cancel your memebrship, all you have to do is read your agreement. The company is absolutely the best, just because you didn't read the instructions, don't take it out on the company it self.


I was a Melaleuca customer. I love their products.

Melaleuca stands behind their products. This is not a pyramid scheme.

People do not know the business. If you have to cancel, a written letter has to be sent to them before the 25th of each month.


There must something that you left out when trying to cancel. Because it is very easy.

I had cancelled in the past and so had my boyfriend. we just wrote a letter w our customer # and that we wanted to cancel. And it was done. Never had a problem with them taking money or anything else.

But most people don't read all the way through the policy on how to that is where alot of problems come in. Melaleuca is a great company and easy to work with.


I don't agree. I have had people on my team who have quit and it was easy for them too.

When you enroll with the company you do give a verbal or written consent to comply with their rules. If they took out extra pay it could be because you did not cancel on time.


Why should you want to quit Melaleuca? I am sure it can't be because of the products.

We are using the products with love for over 5 years now, and they are still great.

About stopping as a member of Melaleuca, this is very easy. I also had members in my team who wanted to quit, and one telephonecall was enough, so I really do not believe these suggestions above.


You aren't kidding! I've sent certified letters threatening to sue them if they don't stop deducting money from my checking account, but that doesn't stop them.

I'm not even getting products!!! I just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

I was sucked into this cult by my parents when I was a child. I guess I'll never be able to escape it.


They are doing that with me now. Melaleuca is a scam.

I just e-mailed them a cease and desist notice. Fortunately they no longer have my credit card account info as I cancelled it.


This happened to me to I had to threaten them myself with action if they did not stop charging me. Or my letters not being received

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