Walkertown, North Carolina

I canceled my account in early January and my account has not been cancelled...I called and finally was able to talk to a rep and they would not cancel my account eventhough I had went through the steps to cancel..They said they did not recieve my fax...The representative keeps calling and harrassing me to buy product...I will never purchase from this company again. I cancelled because I donot have time to buy products...since the poor customer service and harrassment to defintely will no longer recommend this product to anyone...I will tell them to run....

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Make sure the fax went through went you sent your cancel form. You can always follow up and call again to see if they received it.


I would like to temporary cancel my Melaleuca account, becuase i'm going home this month for vacation in our country for a few month i will call you to reopen when i'm coming back from my vacation.

Thanks you!

Merlina amado


just threaten them just like u would to telemarketers or that or change ur number