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I have been a happy customer for Melaleuca for 1 year and became a business builder in Jan. 2010.

Customer Service doesn't get better. As for our cancellation policy, it's called read your manual that was provided to you at enrollment, it gives you the fax number to cancel. Also, at enrollment you were told about the backup order - that it protects your bonuses/commissions. Why would you deserve making money when you are not loyal to Melaleuca.

Would I believe negative people or the fact that we are in many Hall of Fames, our CEO is on the Board of US Chamber of Commerce. We recently received the Torch Award from the Better Business Bureau for Melaleuca's ethics, integrity and loyality to their customers.

Stop embarrassing yourself. I wouldn't want someone like you in my organization, I would be happy to show you how to cancel to get rid of you.

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Why are you commenting on a posting that was made 2 1/2 years ago?? Have to troll through that far back to find one that praises Melealuca?? :?




Melaleuca Renew has helped to reduce some of the scars on my legs, not to mention has made them very smooth.

I love the 50+ Total Vitamin packs. I can't believe how much enegy I have using my AM and PM pack each day.


I am a stay at home mom. Nothing wrong with a company that helps your family.


I've only been using Melaleuca for a few months but I LOVE it so far. My brother & his wife got me hooked on it. By far...the RENEW line is the best!


See, this person's response (Maria Cunti?)to the complaint shows the arrogance described and ill will described by others.


I have been a Happy Melaleuca customer for over 5 years. The products are wonderful and have helped my health in a very positive way. I had multiple chemical sensitivities and constant migraines before I switched my home out to Melaleuca's products and since that time, I have had great improvement.

The company has excellent customer service, better than I have ever received and their credentials say it all! This company does not believe in scamming anyone. They are helping people save money, make money and live a healthier life.

I don't know why anyone would want to call this company a scammer, it is 100% legit. I was told all about the Preferred customer program, the back up order and when and how I could cancel and get my money back if I wanted to, plus I had the information sent to my in my membership kits. No scams there!

As far as the business aspect of Melaleuca, you get what you work for, just as in any business or job. It takes a person with the desire and the will to make their goals happen. Melaleuca gives you as much as they possibly can to be successful, but whether or not you succeed, is up to you.

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