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Easy to get into but the divorce is no fun.

Nothing special about the products but the "monthly commitment" has to be experienced to be believed. If you don't buy at least the amount of your commitment, they send you stuff anyway.

I have sent 4 different faxes, trying to cancel. They could read them well enough to contact me and let me know they couldn't read them but not well enough to actually cancel my "membership" and "monthly commitment", which runs in excess of $50 per month PLUS tax PLUS shipping charges. Now they say I should mail in my cancelation, after I tolerate another "monthly commitment".

If I knoew then what I know now...

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If you sign up over the phone, the rep says you must cancel in writing by the 25th of the month. If you sign up on paper, the note in the bottom right corner says the same thing, even capitalizing the important information.

It's easy IF you follow the directions. Not everyone does this, however, but they can spread misinformation like nobody's business.


So tell me, how many faxes was he supposed to send? An even dozen? The best way to quit this clown company is cancel your CC and be sure they don't have any other means of payment for you.


Wow, the more I read, the more I am not impressed with the stepford wives mentality of pro melaleuca users. It's all the same "Oh my!

I can't believe that YOU'VE had that experience. Well I never...". And the worst is your buddy Bill being nasty. I've read the other posts.

There are A LOT of complaints about the so-called form NOT being easy to find and send back. Passive-agressive and down right rudeness is not the way to win people over.

As a former melaleuca customer, I'm glad I stumbled across this site and saved myself the heartache that I had forgotten in cancelling MY membership 10 years ago. So, just for you, Bill, I can read.


Bill, please explain how you download the form without creating an online membership? If it's so easy, why don't they put that on their home page?

Also, I was mislead by my rep. I specifically told her I could not afford to make a monthly commitment. She simply said, well I will sign you up and cancel you before the next month.

Your condescending email is offensive. I'm thinking you are an employee of this company.


All this back and forth is pretty strange.

The deal is to get a discount on the products, you agree up front to purchase a certain amount each month!

If you don't want to purchase "Every" month, you can be a regular customer, and purchase whatever you want, whenever you want at the full regular price. "NO Discount".

It's really easy. What do people really not understand. Unless there is a language problem it's pretty simple.

If you do not want to be a "Preferred Customer", and purchase every month just download the form from their website. Fill it out, sign it and fax it to them.

If you just ignore things though, that's when things don't go right.

This is just business. Fill out the *** form and send it in. Most young children could do it, so I expect that adults should be able to do it.


I am sorry I know no matter what company you deal with I am sure their are lashups but I joined the company a year ago and I have never had the problems I am reading about, I think the lash up here is someone needs to make sure you read your paperwork and make sure you are real clear on dates that your paperwork is in on time :?


I have never had any problems with suspending/cancelling my preferred member benefits. I LOVE the products, but there have been times where I can't afford to buy them, so I suspend my preferred benefits. Anytime I have ever contacted the customer service they have been more than pleasant to speak with, and very helpful!

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