Saint Petersburg, Florida

Melaleuca is a bad trip please please do not get involved. I had to spend $30 to stop the company from taking money from my account even after I canceled three months ago.

Please be careful! The rep who contacted me told me a bunch of lies to get me signed up and it's been *** every time I see my bank statements.

I wonder if there's a class action lawsuit or something to keep these leeches from conning unsuspecting customers. The prices are expensive and you can get chemical free products for way less at health food stores.

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They will not take one penny out of your acct. if you cancel your membership.

What you are saying is not true.

Read your membership form that you signed where it clearly says that you can cancel anytime by the 25th of any month in writing. period.


Two sides to every story but I have a friend who joined two years ago as a marketing executive and she gave it her all to sign others up. She still orders but gave up the "career".

I never joined and my biggest issue was the back up- minimum order.

No way. I prefer to shop where I want and when I want.


I'm sorry to hear you haven't received the correct information. We have been Melaleuca customers for 3.5 years.

It sounds like you are a Preferred Customer, which means you shop every month for a minimum order - just switch stores and shop for better, safer, healthier products, instead of the other stores. You get a big discount on the products. We have saved about $3000 the past 3 years by shopping there. The reason they take money from you is for the backup order.

Have you received the backup order products? Melaleuca is on the Better Business Bureau Hall of Fame - they have an A+ rating with them and also won the Torch award for excellent customer service. Just call them and they will help you cancel 1-800-282-3000 feel free to send me an email and I will even help you with it.

ps as for the prices.

Melaleuca products are HIGHLY concentrated. There is NO WAY you can find a better price anywhere else :)

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