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Why do people make such a big deal about something so simple? To cancel Melaleuca, all one has to do is either call the company 800-282-3000 to find out how to access a cancellation form, or download the cancellation form from your own login access (Frequently Asked Questions > Membership > General Membership Questions - cancellation is the first on the list), print, sign and fax or mail (must be received by the 25th of the month to cancel within that month).

It's so easy. I've been a customer for 17 years and just started building a business. I can't believe some of the stuff I'm reading here. To all of you who are just looking for problems - some people just don't want to follow the steps, only to be frustrated.

Melaleuca is an amazing company, hires over 2,300 people in the U.S.

and never had a layoff, manufactures incredibly efficient products and offers excellent value. These are products you're going to use anyway - try ours for yourself and if you ever want to cancel, it's so easy.

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I just cancelled my account and it was fairly simple. Log into your account and go to My Account > Cancel Preferred Customer Benefits.

It then sends you an e-mail with a link to a mini questionnaire and a series of check boxes making sure that you really want to cancel your membership. This seems like overkill, but it only took a couple seconds. After that, it gives you a pre-filled cancellation form. All you have to do is sign it and turn it in.

"But wait!" you say, "Won't that take a few days to mail?" Introducing the power of e-mail!

I simply saved the form as a pdf (this is a normal printing option for those who don't know), signed it on my computer using Adobe Reader, saved it, and e-mailed it to the address provided. Total time: 10 minutes, mostly because I had to search my inbox for the e-mail.

According to the fine print, it only takes 24 hours to process the request after it has been received. As long as it is received by midnight of the last day of the month, the cancellation should be in effect for that month.

None of this 25th of the month business. I hope this walk-through proves to be useful to someone.


I think that the negativity that so many happy Melaleuca customers keep incredulously mentioning stems from the fact that it should be as easy to cancel as it is to sign up. Joining is almost instantaneous and is complete on the same day.

No muss-no fuss. Forcing people to call in and/or download a paper copy form to fill out goes against how easy and automated EVERYTHING ELSE that Melaleucva customer do.

It's not hard--it's a PITA, and most would argue that it is that way by design.

My $.02


If it were so easy, you could just call or cancel online without faxing in a form that needs to be downloaded. This isn't 1985 anymore, they need to step up and get with the 21st Century. Oh wait, they are 21st Century Amway.


I would like to cancel my account due to the fact that I no longer have a bank account


The products are ok but having to buy every month not necessary to me try to cancel contract and found out it was time consuming and hard to do. and Why can"t you cancel your account on line or by phone like other companies?


Guess what? All you have to do is take a piece of paper, write "Please cancel my account.

Your name, address, phone #, signature." BAM! Fax it or mail it in. Be sure it is received by the 25th of the month in order for it to be cancelled that month. Easy peasy..........

They've been in business since 1985... there wasn't any internet or downloading or any of that stuff back then. Don't even remember if there was faxing back then. So you just wrote it down on a piece of paper.

Still can! Imagine that!!! You DON'T have to have a form! And you can go to their website for fax and/or address info.

And don't let the door hit you in the rear! Melaleuca is a wonderful company & if you don't want to be a part of it, that's fine & dandy!

From a Happy Consumer!! :grin


I just tried to download the cancellation form from your my login access I went to Frequently Asked Questions > Membership > General Membership Questions - and cancellation is NOT the first on the list. It's not even on there.


cancelacion de mi cuenta


i need to canel my order


want cancel form


I just wanted to post that I joined in June and I do like the products, but I wanted to cancel because I want my family to save money for a house so i'm going to be very frugal in the next few years. Any how, I started reading up on canceling and started getting scared because of all these people saying it is the hardest thing to cancel.

So yesterday I did as one person had posted and went on the website and suspended my account and right at the bottom it says to print out the cancellation form and fax or mail it in. I was so scared they were going to charge me for an extra month that I rushed to get it faxed this morning. Well much to my surprise when I got home I already got my confirmation that my account is canceled as of 1/20/12. So that was simple and easy.

So, maybe it is just mass hysteria as to why people are having such a hard time cancelling. It was so simple I didn't even have to call.


i think this is a waste of money...sure it was nice at first but i agree with the fact of having to spend 100 dollars a month or more on the same things over and over...also if we forget to make our order, they send us things we dont want and take our money. sure the products are fine but they are not worth 100 a month and if we dont order what we want then we shouldnt be charged for things we dont want.


I'm not sure what happened with folks trying to cancel Melaleuca, but I just downloaded the cancellation form off the website with no problem, then faxed it over to them, and received an email confirmation of the cancellation within 5 minutes. The process was very simple for us.

We were only customers for 1 mth but realized it was not for use since we couldn't figure out what to purchase after month 2.

Also, we didn't feel comfortable with the financial commitment. That being said, it was quite simple to cancel.


So I am trying to cancel my membership....but my computer won't allow me to download the cancellation form. Customer Service said there is NO way to get me this form.

I need help, I called 4 times and there has been a problem with me trying to cancel and I just need the form so I can be done with this company!!! Anyone willing to download the form and send it to me?


Melaleuca can do all their business online. I even signed up by telephone/internet.

Yet they can't cancel an account online? Really?


If you are a satisfied customer why are you on this site? I have been trying to download the form off their site, but funny the page is blank.

When I searched for a copy online, the links were disabled. When I tried ti download an enrollment form funny it worked.

What ever our reason is for cancelling, doesn't matter that you are happy, it's our business, and should not be so difficult. Howe would you know it's so easy as you say if you haven't tried cancelling yourself?? Sure they SAY what to do and make it SOUND easy but it's my prerogative to cancel if I want, I don't need to hear how happy YOU are!

So stay off this site and go join the Happy Consumer site please!!

Now, has ANYBODY had luck downloading the form anywhere? I do not care to call and talk to someone trying to change my mind, and if I had any doubts about cancelling before then I sure don't now!


P.S. My experiences were 5 years ago, so it's interesting to see people are still complaining about the exact problems I had so long ago!


apparently, my word choice of i-d-i-o-t and s-t-u-p-i-d are considered indecent language and are asterisked. This makes it look like I was swearing up a storm in my last post, which was not the case! Sorry about that.


I agree, certain fans of Melaleuca company like to claim that we disgruntled former customers are simply idiots who cannot find the cancellation form to end our membership. I am not an ***, I am a Registered Nurse who enjoyed their products but realized they were not worth the obligation of having to buy a certain amount every month.

Cancelling was very difficult. I mailed in my cancellation form yet they continued to bill me for back up orders. They denied receiving the form, demanded that I resend it, and refused to credit my money back. THIS is NOT good customer service.

The customer should be given the benefit of the doubt, and it should be assumed that the customer DID indeed send in the cancellation form.

Instead, apparently Melaleuca company and their product pushers assume if we don't luv 'em, well we're just ***!! Will be sure to tell others NEVER to get into Melaleuca!!


First the cancellation form is about buried about 7 layers deep on the web site.

Then when you try to fax the form to Melaleuca they claim they did not receive it until you you fax it 10 times and they can no longer ignore it.

When cancelling be sure to cancell the email account (Melaleuce Renewl) which is $8.95 a month.

Check your bank account they even charge members this fee.

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