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I can relate to almost every single negative thing said about this company. They will not refund me my money, they ignore my emails, and they're no help over the phone when you can't afford to receive their monthly packages. If they're still charging you money, call your bank and ask them to stop ALL payments to Melaleuca and you shouldn't have a problem.

What company to work for forces you to buy these anyway? Products you can get for 75% cheaper at your local grocery store and work just as good. You'll be overwhelmed with the same products coming in every month, and that's just a waste of your money! It's so frustrating what they have put me through. I think we should all report them to the Better Business Bureau, because for some odd reason they only have 5 negative reviews.

Calling or writing them with your issues might have a better effect though. I'd love to see this company be put down for good for all the money they've ripped people out of.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Any positive comments you read here are posted by persons at the company so they can continue to defraud customers.


Nobody forced you to buy these products, you wanted to so you could get better SAFER products and $100 in free products in the beginning. They kept their end of the bargain, it is time to keep yours.

Don't want them? Cancel.

Of course there are cheaper products in the stores but they are NOT safer. If you don't care about that then you shouldn't shop at Melaeluca.


First of all Melaleuca is not a rip off what so ever, their products are great! and if your are a preferred customer and use the product how it is intended the savings are amazing.

And if you use the store to only buy cleaning products you will not meet the product point requirement, and that is what I tell everyone. Also to cancel or suspend your account you need to fill out a cancellation form and fax it to them by the 25th of the month. Calling them or emailing them will not work. they need paperwork in their hands which is smart on their part.

and the big difference between their products and products you will see at a Wal-Mart or Target is their is nothing in them that will harm you like the mainstream products today do. Now the person who enrolled you may have not been telling you the truth about everything and just trying to sign people up.

I am sorry to hear about your bad experience but let me assure you that Melaleuca is not a scam or anything like that.


My experience with was just today. One of these people came to my house and tried to push their wears.

I called my sister and she had a bad experience with them some years ago she told. I told my 68 year old father don't do it. Everything the person said in the complaint above happened to my sister.

This company herba life, premiere America all have the same bullshyt. Enough already we are living in hard times we can't afford to invest money to be stolen away.


Thanks for sharing your love for them MBP. You should think about writing your own positive review or starting your own discussion board or something and maybe not just commenting on a bad one.

How else will everyone know how awesome they are?

For the record, I haven't used the internet to b**** about something in SO long... but I do understand what you mean


Hey, i work for Melaleuca and i get 80 dollars a month in product vouchers to become familiar with the products we make... I adore them and have looked and compared the prices and concentrations with the store brands...

The cleaners and such are incredible... Work much better than any others...

But i can honestly say that when and if i leave Melaleuca, i will become a member... The internet just breeds people who HAVE to have something to *** about...


I agree


I don't quite understand what you're getting at... Wal-Mart and Target are well known businesses though, Melaleuca is not. They're not too far behind Wal-Mart right now.


Hi Casspoth12,

While I can understand your frustration, something in one of your posts got me curious, so I went to the BBB and searched Walmart and found this: 587 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 305 closed in last 12 months

I searched Target and found this: 2414 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1119 closed in last 12 months

So, I guess what I'm wondering is, what's your point?


I too am having the same issue canceling with Melaleuca. Unfortunately my financial situation is such that I can't even afford a stamp and envelope to send them to cancel the recurring order.

I'm at the point where I'm planning to sell some prized possessions just so I can finish school.

I have explained my situation to several customer service representatives at Melaleuca (using my cellphone that I don't even know if I can pay the bill for this week) and they simply ignore my request and demand a signature. A "no cancellations by phone" policy is simply unethical.


Might I suggest you contact your bank and have them block any charges from Melaleuca! If that doesn't work cancel the bank card altogether and get a new account.

May be a pain to do so but well worth it if you can't afford the payments and the company won't cancel! Just a thought!


I am sorry to hear of your financial situation. They have their reasons.

They have many, many people that earn a large amount of money each month and if that person were to cancel, they would not get paid. One of the reasons they have the No phones policy is that they have no way of identifying who is on the phone. Someone could phone in and cancel someone else maliciously and that person could lose thousands that month in income. The main reason is that you signed a contract so you have to sign to cancel that contract.

Just like any other contract. Fax the form from Staples, or UPS, Office Depot etc. It might be one dollar. I don't believe you can't find a dollar.

Sell some stuff online, that's what I did when I had no money, ask a friend or family for a dollar, ask someone in a business or office if you can borrow the fax for free. Goodness I found money on the floor three times last month!

Take care of business! You started the contract, now finish it and be in control of stopping any potential problems that will arise from ignoring the cancellation rules.

I hope things improve for you soon.


I should probably mention that the total preferred customer savings was $30.01... $113.76 regular priced for those things?


"there products last longer thus saving you money!" At the risk of sounding like a Grammar Nazi, it's *their*... and 237 mL for the lotion, the shampoo and conditioner is only 355 mL bottles.

If their products last longer, you must be Homer Simpson with only 3 hairs to wash. Very inaccurate statement.


I just did a quick search online and found this:-

Johnson & Johnson has pledged to axe harsh, cancer-causing chemicals from its products worldwide by 2015 after years of pressure from health groups.

The cosmetics giant plans to remove chemicals such as formaldehyde and paraben preservatives from its baby products by the end of next year and reformulate adult toiletries by 2015.

Formaldehyde is linked to cancer in humans when inhaled over a long period of time, and is also a skin, eye and respiratory irritant, according to Health Canada.

Johnson's makes No More Tears baby shampoo, baby lotion, as well as products under the lines Aveeno, Neutrogena, RoC, Clean & Clear and Lubriderm, among others. END

It has only taken 125 years for them to think about removing these chemical and only after pressure. And why 2015 and not now? I don't want anything to do with a company like that.

They use these dangerous ingredients because they are so cheap. Of course safer products are more costly, they are more expensive to produce. My kids are worth it, I am not taking the risk that later in life they will suffer for my choices, just to save a few dollars.


??? What are you talking about?

They're products are ridiculously overpriced! They sent me ANOTHER package a few weeks ago, my payments were still cancelled so I had a correction on my account and the money was returned right away. They've been harassing me ever since with phone calls and emails. The first few times I've replied to their emails so I can return them, they just reply with the same thing, "You owe this, make payment, blah blah blah".

Makes it seem like they don't even read their emails and could care less about it being resolved whether it be in my favor or theirs. I have not yet gotten a return slip, so I'm not wasting my time anymore talking to them. It's either they send me one so they can sell these products to the next unfortunate customer, or they just leave it because I don't appreciate being harassed over someone else screw up.

But anyways, what they sent me costed $83.75. Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, a bar of soap and 30 wipes.

I don't know, but if you ask me these better cure cancer or something if I was actually willing to spend that much on something I can get for approx $20-$25 elsewhere! Johnson and Johnson has been around for over 125 years, I've been using them on my kids for a few years.

I've not heard anything bad about it n'or has anything happened with my kids, but I WILL be looking into it. And if I do switch it'll be for something affordable, none of this cr**


I'm in your boat. Those idiots sent my "backup order" even though they couldn't charge my CC because I cancelled it. This after telling them twice that I no longer wanted to be a member. Fax or signed letter? I don't thinks so. I don't send a letter to Sears if I no longer want to shop there.

I've sent those dopes 2 emails telling them to send a PREPAID shipping label and I'll send their overpriced *** back to them. I figure I'll have to do it about 3 more times before it sinks into their thick skulls and they send me a shipping label.

Or they can send me to collections and the fun will start. :grin :grin

Maybe they can stop all those annoying calls and letters from my CC companies wanting to raise my limit.

In any case, my dealings with this *&*#ed company are well documented and they'll only end up looking like fools. Signed form to cancel membership my ***!


You didn't sign a contract when you started shopping at Sears! That's why you don't need to cancel one.

It is time you took responsibility for what you signed - a contract. Why would you refuse to do what they ask and then wonder why they might not have done what you asked for?


only 5 because they arent a bad company! there products last longer thus saving you money!

if you want to buy products at the store...goi ahead get tide...their lawsuit probably will fall thru. if u have kids...get johnson and johnson shampoo...their lil bodies willll loooove the chemicals :)


Right! :-)

Johnson and Johnson has just finally admitted that their Baby Shampoo has always, and still contains Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen.


I love Melaleuca products! To each his own.

The business and products are not for everyone. To all of you saying that Melaleuca is a pyramid scam, you do not know the business, as well as saying you can not get your money back or membership cancelled.

Who ever signed you up does not know the business either. They need to learn to give their customers proper information, and also shame on all of you for not reading the agreement when you sign it.

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