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I joined Melaluca because of the promise that they sell natural stuff, you save money etc. I think that for me, my major problem was that the products did not really meet my needs. As a mother of two small kids, I needed as alternative to Javex, all Melaluca could promise was a spray. If you are doing laundry of stained clothes, how do you clean that?

Secondly, the minimum of 35 points will cost you at least $70 dollars without tax and shipping, so you are looking at at least a $100 dollars every month of buying the same stuff. So, you have to have a lot of money to be able to afford this, considering that most of the products come in small quantities. Oh, their oats taste really bad.

Looking at their collection of makeup, as a woman of colour, I need not say anything about that.

Anyway, for people who do not have money, you cannot afford this, so stay the *** away, because their 35 points minimum makes it possible for the owners to get rich, while we the consumers, those with a limited budget get a messed up service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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@Deb - I'm not saying you have to love Melaleuca, but to me, it seems like your issues were/are more of a misunderstanding than the company being a poor company. Again, Melaleuca is not for everyone; some people will love it and some won't.

You are definitely entitled to your opinion. But I think lack of some very important information gave you a poor experience.

Not your fault, it's the fault of your presenter and/or the person who enrolled you.

But really, you are entitled to your opinion. You don't like it, and that is just fine.


@Becca...Oh, I clearly know alot about Melealuca. I used the companies as an example, the addresses are on the package for an email, letter, etc.

Is it listed on all of the items that this company sells the same place? How about Avon? Do they sell dog food or detergent? My back-up package came from VA.

Where are the places that package and make these products. And by the way, I do have a clue, a huge clue, that said GET OUT of this company!! So don't assume I do not know anything about Melealuca. There were 5 people at the presentation, and within 2 months, all 5 had dropped out, at a cost to them.

I think I had to pay $17. to ship those boxes back.

Worst company I've ever dealt with. Ever.


@Paulina - Regarding your question of who said anything about a back-up order, Deb did. I am fine with you not choosing to participate in Melaleuca.

It's not for everyone; I know plenty of people who are just not interested.

I do want to let Deb know that she is reinforcing my opinion that most of the people on here (I'm not referring to you, Paulina) simply do not have a clue about Melaleuca.

(Oh, and "I was very leary of a company that sells everything from laundry detergent, to eye liner, to dog food, to vitamins. My detergent isn't made by Mabelline, and my vitamins are not made by Purina." Ever heard of Proctor and Gamble?)


Who said anything about a back up order?

I get it, some people love Melaleuca, I do not love it. Why am I not allowed to say what my experience was?

A person who works on a minimum wage cannot afford Melaleuca, especially if they live in Canada. There is no question that it is elitist. That wa my main argument and I still stand by it!


@Deb - You obviously know nothing about Melaleuca if you don't even know why they send out a back-up order. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about.


I have to wonder if you bothered to read the instructions on the products. They are not "small quantities", they are concentrated.

A 6.95 bottle of cleaer makes 6 spray bottles of cleaner. That's cheap for a natural cleaner that actually works. And the laundry soap bottle is tiny because it is 6x concentrated, most in the store are only 2 or 3x.

The goal is to use smaller and less packaging which is better for the environment. I have 3 kids and these products cost the same or less as what I paid at the store.


@ Deb,

I totally agree with you. The response by Lila-jo sounded all practiced, and did not have a ring of truth to it. It is such a shame that she is probably the one who is lying.

Anyway, I will never be a customer of Melaleuca again, and if anyone is wise, they should probably read all the negative experiences people have posted about Melaluaca, then decide after that. We all cannot be liars


@Lila-Jo...Here's another "Pro-Mela" who has chosen to write on several different posts exclaiming the virtues of Medaleuca. And, in only 6 weeks, her entire life has been changed!!

:eek In answer to several of the posts, I'm sure that for every 1 person who complains on this site, many more don't. As for Melaleuca sending you a back-up order if you didn't order by the 25th...Who does that? My grocery/chain/drugstore doesn't send me a "back-up" order because I haven't been in. I looked through the catelog, and to be honest, I was very leary of a company that sells everything from laundry detergent, to eye liner, to dog food, to vitamins.

My detergent isn't made by Mabelline, and my vitamins are not made by Purina.

You made a thousand dollars in commission in 2 this day and age, I find that hard to believe. How much did you buy yourself?

You seems to know an awful lot of things for only being a member for 6 weeks...I smell a rat. :?


As a Melaleuca member of only 6 weeks, I can say that I have learned enough to know that this commentary is incorrect. The product in the stores are more expensive per use and full of toxins as compared to less expensive, higher quality Melaleuca brand.

35 pts will cost about $65 INCLUDING TAX AND SHIPPING. The company is also EXCELLENT in taking recommendations for new products. They are always looking for new products to add to help everyone. Melaleuca products are SUPERIOR to other companies in quality AND price.

To answer your laundry question: You spray the stain with prespot and you wash your laundry with the detergent and the brightener. This will get your clothes clean. Paulina, if you take the time to ask the questions, you will get the answers. Don't spread misinformation and ruin a good thing.

This company has been a godsend to our family--we love the all natural cleaning products, the vitamins have changed my life, and the other products are great PLUS I have earned nearly a thousand dollars in commission and bonuses in my first two weeks with the company, and this month's check will very likely be double that. If the company were as bad as you say, it wouldn't have been around this long (since 1985) and it wouldn't be a billion dollar company--a billion dollars in sales in 2011.

Companies that have practices and products as you describe don't stick around that long. I urge everyone to try it and judge it for yourselves!

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